Furiganaize & Rikaichan are nice Firefox add-ons if you're trying to learn Japanese, just fyi.

I remember the first time I signed into fedi on Niu, I posted a pic of Maki and instantly gained ten or so followers. Cuteposting is the way.

@abs The diplomacy one. Professor wanted to spice it up I guess, and have us pretend to work for an embassy (under a personal account). You don't *have* to create an actual account, but not having to lead me to procrastinate on the actual substance of the assignment by working on unnecessary design BS. I honestly prefer conventional assignments though. Might appeal to some of the performance arts ppl in the course I guess. lol

Oh. I forgot to blur some stuff. W/e. |_33-|- |-|/-\[|< me all u want, I am not redoing this.

This is actually a good example of how I waste my time doing unnecessary shit tho tbh.

I'm so dedicated to avoiding that I'm doing a Twitter using for closest authenticity instead of just creating a faux Twitter account for the assignment, or typing hypothetical tweets in a plain doc. (p.s., that faded bg u see is due to my window transparency, do not worry!)

maybe i should have a permanent Out Of Office Autoreply that says something like "thanks for your email, i might reply properly later, but at the moment the idea of replying to your email, and also the fact that i am supposed to, is ruining my day, and i'm not sure i have the emotional energy to work out a better way of saying this, go fuck yourself, i didn't mean that sorry, please don't ever send me anything ever again, i want a quiet life, please let me be in peace, let my soul rest, o hecky"

That's why you gotta have that domestic treadmill once and a while at the very least and a few free weights at home. Which incidentally I do not have.

And oof. Sounds pretty bad. How cozy are you though?

What board games did you end up playing and what TV shows did you end up watching? How was it?

Went to the gym. Then had an improvised hangout with friends. Weather was also nice, at 11ยฐ C.

trying to articulate how I feel and just making marge simpson noisesโ„ข

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