@pry OOOOOOOHHHH. oh shit. Well now you know. But late than never, but also better early than late. :uwu_cirno:

My computer acted super weird today and I had to reboot it. And then the boot sequence was weird as well. I'm assuming it's because GRUB was updated since it seems fine now.

@redneonglow No worries. Downloaded it thru libgen. Looks interesting. Saw a few of hid other books too.

@nik "fax needs to die"

Yes. Someone kill it, please. I'm annoyed at having to set this shit up.

@ilovecomputers Nice. I hope coops expand. I know one coop in my old neighborhood and it was inconvenient for this reason. I was still a member, and I was planning to continue being a member, unless I could find a better credit union.

@ilovecomputers That said, I find this objection to be silly if you are making a decision tbat's meant to be socially conscious--like yeah there can be these downsides, but that's precisely in part because coops don't get such a huge demographic slice for infrastructural support and leverage with surrounding businesses. On the other hand, the downsides of localism are also in other ways beneficial because it could serve as a buffer against systemic shocks.

@ilovecomputers Sorry. I should have been specific. I don't mean customer service. I mean support by ATMs and wide availability of branches and withdrawal machines across a geography. A lot of the credit unions are very local, don't get enough infrastructural support, etc. Which is a component of service. It's just heavily resource-based rather than based on human labor.

@ilovecomputers I've been planning to get IWW membership and sign up for credit unions for a while. I just need the job first. People tell me about service downsides, but those service downsides are because of biased infrastructure to begin with so its putting the cart before the horse.

This isn’t a pipe dream, there are multiple credit unions in the States, yet people still sign up for scumbags at Wells Fargo or Bank of America. That REI store near you is actually a consumer coop that you can buy a lifetime membership to for $20.

The most successful not-for-profit orgs in the tech industry is Mozilla and Wikipedia and I honesty wish that was the norm for social media.

@ilovecomputers I marked the picture as sensitive. Doesn't have any effect on pleroma I see. should've cw'd. my bad.

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