Tidying up the room slightly, but I still have more and more paper to sift through and slowly shred. However, I did find this which I though I had simply lost. You always find things when you're not looking for them.

This is probably the closest Nishida gets to an explicit formulation of what he's getting at, but he does it by analogy and I can't always be sure how much the analogy extends.

me when I see younger people who seem to have their shit together more than I do

Just caught up on writing all the notes for the pages I read on Japanese grammar so now I can continue reading. Originally I was hoping to jsut use this book as reference, but have decided it makes more sense to actively study it.

While I bought those other books, also came across some interesting ones.

This little ethernet cable buddy broke off. It was bound to so it's about time.

I know USB installs are possible but I like having a disk collection of operating systems. I'm old-school like that.

>when you get tired of coding so you make some bullshit skeleton functions to fill out some other day

I work way too slow considering my actual coding output tbh. Although to be fair I spent probably a good chunk of hours looking into alternative ways I could construct the website (e.g., using ruby, python, sass, etc., to create templats or simplify the markup process). Productive? Maybe. Ultimately not since I didn't get other stuff done.

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