HI y'all! I like , , , , , . Mostly the first one and the last three though. My posting style is bursts of activity and periods of silence as I try to juggle my daily life. Of course I am working on following people' s conversation threads in real time enough to jump in more frequently since sometimes I feel like I miss a good points of entry or am too late. Anyway, hope we have overlapping interests!

@jeff I feel like I already know the answer to this, but in what way do you mean. lol

@mrjunge Right now, working on physical therapy exercises & being sleeeepy. How about you?

@thehonestpuck How's that been coming along? Is there a reason for it (if you're ok sharing of course)? And I'm also sleepy, but glad I finally get a break. We'll see if that'll give me opportunity to dive in more on some of my side quests, to to speak.

@mrjunge There's a couple reasons for the PT - one is acute and one is chronic. I fell back in January and bruised my hip & sprained my ankle, but I am also chronically ill w/ kinda weak joints so I should really have been doing PT the whole time anyway. So... here's to trying to be a healthier hooman!

@thehonestpuck not glad to hear about the injury, but certainly glad to know you're getting the PT you needed! Hopefully it reduces your body pains so you can be more comfy so to speak. :blobowo:

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