If 20% of a group are harassers (evenly across genders), & the group has more men than women… then each woman gets 16x more bad experiences than each man.

The Petrie Multiplier: in a group where x% are bullies/harassers, the minority will feel it (x/100)^2 more.

This blog post has stuck with me through the years. I like the maths in it, & I like the conclusion that attacking sexism/racism etc doesn't have to be an attack on the majority.

From @turingfan@twitter.com



@hadleybeeman Combine this with homosociality, and it also illuminates why as a man some do not witness or perceive the same amount of such events as women report. They are more frequently out of the targeted vectors of gendered harassment, in addition to being around men more often than women. There is probably a better way of expressing this as a more general principle that doesn't just apply for gender but am lazy.

@hadleybeeman Thanks! And I always like nuance, so this was an interesting read.

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