Sometimes I read criticisms of the kind of content you tend to find on fedi from non-fedi ppl and realize, "Wow. Some people are legitimately addicted to the outrage machine."

I guess it makes sense tho since most of the ppl writing these are journalists so there would be conflict of interest in starting from an assumption that is anti- outrage machine.

Where do they find the energy for this shit

I come here to get LESS pissed off, and I just don't understand them

Yeah. Like anger and it's counterpart sadness are important emotions to have and confront, but doing so 24/7 is probably not healthy. Especially if none of the information you're looking at is contextualized (since that's what would allow you to actually make constructive use of those emotions).

@mrjunge @LimitOfX mainstream social media is designed to evoke emotions to generate those lucrative clicks, ads, and data

@mrjunge @Gargron it is seriously addictive. I’ve watched many people struggle with it.

@mrjunge the writer is a fediverse user of at least 2 years. I do agree its not an amazing article but she does actually use the fediverse, this is a critique of the fediverse from another fediverse user.

Oof. Thanks for the correction then. But I think that just makes me more confused about the article. Maybe there was a snowball effect that dissuaded them from the fedi, but they're talking in such generalities that it just makes me as a reader go, "What???" Especially since they start talking about the lack of a certain kind of content but immediately speak of it as a problem for fedi or the platform as such, when this is a bit of a leap.

@mrjunge Its important to keep in mind shes not just...writing to fediverse users, she needs to contextualize it.

i do think the article overall would benefit from being two different articles, so that she can explore the frustrations of mastodon's queer userbase and BFDL Gargron; and some of the pitfalls and problems she sees in the queer userbase.

@mrjunge Outrage os a tool of the elites in government, business and the media. It's a means to keep people apart rather than help them find common ground.

It's insidious, and has been going on for generations. Social media just happens to be the perfect platform to generate outrage/divisiveness

@StevenDBT @mrjunge I don’t think that one could put it any better than that. You hit the nail on the head.

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