Cuck Philosophy on Youtube (the name is misleading---the channel is leftist) has been best phil Youtuber so far. I know a lot of people like Olly, but Cuck Philosophy is a bit more in-depth while still being understandable. Really like this one: Altho I disagree only slightly since thought-out political theory tends to have a thick, robust notion of equality. Liberalism tends to hold to a highly abstract verison of the notion tho, true.

@abs I need to make a phil yt channel, but I can barely handle keeping up a blog so.. :blobsweats:

@mrjunge I would watch it! There aren't enough good one out there.

@JoeyK @abs Yes, but it's very sparse. I've been working on a major post recently tho it's going very slowly. I might need to make some light in-between posts.

@mrjunge @abs I'd love to read it ! I've always wanted to do a blog or a youtube channel about philosophy too but guess I'm too lazy for starting

@JoeyK @abs sorry for the delay. I self-host and my computer was off since I was outside for a bit. Here it is:

@mrjunge @abs Wow it's actually pretty interesting ! I see you are writing a lot about Bataille, which is a writer I really like too

@JoeyK @abs Yes! Bataille is about the only person I think gives a compelling account of "human nature" if there ever was one--which isn't to say this is even his intention, but that I could see his theories being used to arm a convincing case in that direction. Most of his discussion of humanity v. animality is in the context of structuralism, so it's more a theory of subjective structures that are nonetheless able to be accounted for in facts about our embodiment.


I know there's some value in trying to reclaim words but yeesh

@dulcet Yeah, a lot of people had said similarly. In fact, the ambiguity of the channel name made me hesitate about the quality of the content and it took me a while to just check it out. Lol


Ambiguity is right. It's worth running a name by disinterested parties or risk misunderstanding the connotations of your brand.

@mrjunge saw his vids in suggested recently and clicked out of interest
was pleasantly surprised :blobthinking:

@artemirl Same. His channel inspires me a bit, especially since he does some of those more silly vids like the one analyzing Shrek. Lol

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