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anybody whose been following at, new alt account at @mrjunge

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HI y'all! I like , , , , , . Mostly the first one and the last three though. My posting style is bursts of activity and periods of silence as I try to juggle my daily life. Of course I am working on following people' s conversation threads in real time enough to jump in more frequently since sometimes I feel like I miss a good points of entry or am too late. Anyway, hope we have overlapping interests!

So uh, I'll be teaching students about Linux on Sunday... Can someone help me by mentioning some cool topics that I should get into. Some of the students would be already on moderate level. I want to make sure they learn something new... :thinking_rms:

Do maths teachers still say "you won't always have a calculator with you"

imegine if there was therapy for epileptics so we knew how to handle or behave or take care of ourselves or feel whole post seizure better

Morning! :morning: Went to bed pretty late last night because I changed my task list around last minute to account for my Semester courses. And yet I woke up early. Probably should try and nap a few more hours.

@luna Introducing gitdab: Git for those who like to dab.

Registrations are open.
I'll open source the customizations after I eat.

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