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πŸ“’ u can contact me on..
Discord: alister#0909

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anybody whose been following at, new alt account at @mrjunge

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HI y'all! I like , , , , , . Mostly the first one and the last three though. My posting style is bursts of activity and periods of silence as I try to juggle my daily life. Of course I am working on following people' s conversation threads in real time enough to jump in more frequently since sometimes I feel like I miss a good points of entry or am too late. Anyway, hope we have overlapping interests!

Mild lewd 

My kink is love and affection

the novelty of the new account will of course have me posting there it seems. anyway. what was I supposed to do today?

research. right.

Made an alt @ @mrjunge So that's me. Dunno how active I'll be there right now, but it'll definitely be active post- March 2020.

Whatever here's art; Suzy Succubus, Duchess of Succ

starting the day off with a bad mood. gonna have to slug it through I guess.

advantages for my being poly or a polypal: ppl say I'm not very jealous (tho what they mean is I'm good at handling those feelings), and the way I go about things is that if I like someone I care about I try to focus on what is best for us and not just what is convenient for me which helps me when I get into disputes, and I like flirting in general

disadvantages for my being poly or a polypal: I'm needy


I might just end up instance hopping for a while until I decide to settle lol

This is the first time I haven't really had to do homework during my free period, but as soon as Thursday comes around I'm gonna have to start researching for two final essays. trying to soak it in.

real talk. If I ever look like I just want sex, what I really want deep down is intimate affection. :cirnouwu:

I think part of why I'm pent up sexually is probably because of focusing on HW and the fact that I never consummated that one interaction. lol

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