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anybody whose been following at, new alt account at @mrjunge

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HI y'all! I like , , , , , . Mostly the first one and the last three though. My posting style is bursts of activity and periods of silence as I try to juggle my daily life. Of course I am working on following people' s conversation threads in real time enough to jump in more frequently since sometimes I feel like I miss a good points of entry or am too late. Anyway, hope we have overlapping interests!

The relevant office for academics is closed so that means I have to wait longer to register for this one retake course after I submitted the required forms. And that compresses my other time windows. :|

I guess I could try applying for Forbearance instead. Seems a lot more open-ended at least.. Will visit the finaid office--see what they have to say about the two options I guess.

I dislike how my feelings of stress often affect my bowel movements and digestion. :|

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If things fail I'll have to refocus on my transfer acceptances and see which colleges that have accepted me are still open for me to reply, or put off college even longer now potentially since I'll have to juggle loan repayment and continuing college.

I'm thinking of placing my bets and seeing if the actual people who review my form would be flexible enough to accept proof of future enrollment, but yeah. It's looking bad. They do have another deferment request form on the basis of unemployment, but I'm not sure how that would work out in my specific case. Not sure what strategy to go for.

The situation is looking bad rn because apparently the loan servicer requires me to fill a deferment request form, but the in-school deferment request form in particular requires proof of current enrollment. Apparently when you're on leave, the college counts you as registered, but there is no proof of current enrollment they hand out.

I saw someone wearing a coat but also wearing shorts in cold weather.. πŸ€”

Like part of the reason that as a kid I went deep down into the rabbit-hole of the Internet was because literally most of the kids around me were fucking assholes.

Part of the reason that the Internet has lead to "isolation" is just the fact that you are more likely to find people who are better matches for you in the online space than in real life, so people try to get most of their social needs online as a result. In other words, there isn't a correlation between geographic proximity and cultural community anymore. So one of the things we need to do is fix this lack of correlation. That's not the only reason, of course.

I think the fact that it gets dark earlier is affecting my alertness. I should probably give myself a huge dose of sugar as a morning routine now. πŸ€”

"Japan's cyber-security minister has 'never used a computer'"

TBH it sounds like he is way ahead of the curve on computer security

Clamd process (i.e., clamav-daemon service) really pushes my computer's fans sometimes, esp. with increased uptime. Disabled it for now though. Linux doesn't really need virus scanning in general in the first place (until it gets popular) so not a big deal.

I keep getting mixed messages from my school. I just got recently told I don't have to contact my loan servicer since they are automatically notified. Then I'm told I should contact them. Which is it people?!?! Why are your financial aid office people not on the same page?

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