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HI y'all! I like , , , , , . Mostly the first one and the last three though. My posting style is bursts of activity and periods of silence as I try to juggle my daily life. Of course I am working on following people' s conversation threads in real time enough to jump in more frequently since sometimes I feel like I miss a good points of entry or am too late. Anyway, hope we have overlapping interests!

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From looking at job openings to looking at a list of therapists available in my area under my insurance. I run the gamut.


@vantablack "wow people in the 21st century sure were horny"

I think I'll give up on getting an entry-level programming job for now and just apply to some bookstores.

If you can't handle me at my desu~ then you don't deserve me at my uguu~

I think I have two post ideas in the mean-time as I continue to work through Nishida that I might make.. Maybe three or even four? Commodification of characters, applying Bataille to analyzing hentai (lol), brief impression of Lacan, or just a review or analysis of something I'm watching. I will do no thorough research for any of them. I just always have a fear of throw-away posts being really meh, especially considering the content on the blog so far.

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Holy shit! Did you know that NewPipe also works for SoundCloud now?
If you press the hamburger button on the top left of the main page and then tap the card at the top, you can switch to it. :blobaww:

Two of my friends invited me to be their roommate some time in the future. I hope they're ready for me. True test of friendship is cohabitation.

RT If you missed it: today it was confirmed that Facebook massively & knowingly inflated its video-view statistics, which had the DIRECT consequence of 90% of media orgs firing writers in favor of expensive video producers, who also got fired when it turned out video was worthless


What sucks tho is that I knew something like this was going to happen, where we'd actually end up worse off after asking for help and then have to ask for more help on top of it. This is why I wait until something is completely non-functional so there's nothing to lose from getting "help." My parents wouldn't listen tho because apparently being an adult means jumping into action when it isn't yet needed and making things worse.

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