Visual Studio Code just got updated to v1.46.0 on my machine. Every time it updates, there are always new features that make me think about how much awesome effort is being put into it. Things just get better and more optimized each realese.

Say what you will about Electron apps, but I can't deny VSCode, it's fantastic.

@killyourfm This interview is really great! Thanks for putting it together and thanks to the guests.

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The Fedora and Lenovo partnership is about more than just selling Thinkpads with Linux pre-installed. In this special video interview, Fedora lead Matthew Miller and Lenovo's Senior Linux Software Engineer Mark Pearson join me to discuss a TON of details.

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So I have a bit of a crackpot theory about the #Nevada earthquakes. The mountain range where the epicenter of the earthquakes is not far from the Nevada testing range for nukes.

Could we be checking one of our nukes underground to make sure they still work?

Probably just a coincidence, but someone with more knowledge of the area can support or debunk it.

@adam I use Tmux daily and still have not uncovered all of its features.

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Check out the latest edition of Destination Linux where yours truly sits in as a guest host. You will get some hot takes on some hot topics. And be sure to subscribe to Destination Linux!

@adam A few episodes ago on No Agenda, it was mentioned that the Unfilter Show was over and that it was a good show. Well the Unfilter show is back so I wanted to share the info. They will only stay on air if the support is there so hopefully people want it.

@killyourfm I love Deepin and love the coverage you do because it's easier for me to see what features are new that get me excited to try it out on my Laptop.

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So many people complain when I cover Deepin Linux. Why don't I see the same level of complaining & ignorant xenophobia about Linux laptop favorite Lenovo?

You know, that company that secretly installed freaking rootkits on their laptops. Oh, you forgot about that? :D

@bespectacled_fuzz I never noticed that, I use a VPN sometimes and never thought to check kdeconnect. Hopefully one day they will figure that one out.

moving instances stuff. 

@Flaky Wasn't aware that niu was going somewhere. I'm checking out now and it looks super chill so I'm going to give my try at Pleroma and signup there.

@killyourfm Man, every time I install Deepin I plan on keeping it and using it as my primary distro but....something is always too out of date or doesn't work at all. I'd like to see the Deepin Software Store (or whatever it is called) come to Fedora or other distros with DDE. Their store is the best one out there on Linux in my opinion.

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i wish i just, made the windows 95 startup sound whenever i woke up

Installed 28 on this Thinkpad T420 years ago and upgrades have gone smooth so far. Currently running 31 with plasma and loving it.

@killyourfm I really wish the Deepin Software Center was available on other Distros. It is the best app store on Linux in my opinion. If onnly I had it on Fedora.

@killyourfm Hey that's the exact same Wallpaper I have on my Fedora 31 Plasma Desktop. Had it since Fedora 29!

@killyourfm So when do you think you'll be ready for a cup of Void Linux? I'm going to bet that you'll be very intrigued, especially after all the other distros you've tried. I'm pretty sure you've never used one without SystemD.

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