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Fediverse forecast for today, Saturday 15 June 2019: witchy, with 45% chance of instance drama all day

@louisoft01 the UK has sharing intelligence agreements with the US and I'm quite sure noone (except you, maybe) wants that to change.

China is still the larger problem compared to russia as they build military bases in the south china sea.

No ADB, no KDE Connect, no Syncthing and of course no proprietary solutions
Just fucking use termux, rsync and public key auth to sync files between your desktop and your Android!!1!1!1!1!

@roka then you should be able to use Wayland (w/Xwayland) then?


@prydt that said; you probably can pick up a good tower server off eBay.

Check the noise levels tho, older high spec machines are loud

@roka you need to calm down.

fontconfig did nothing wrong

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