Just realized the weight of moving the primary location of our source code given the number of links to it out there

And the whole forks ecosystem

And the way commit messages refer to GitHub issue numbers


On the other hand, that's only going to get worse over time - even more links, even more forks, even more commit messages.

And maybe Microsoft won't fuck up GitHub, but sensing this vendor lockin now, what would happen if they do?

So it's probably a band-aid that has to be ripped sooner rather than later. 🤔

Got approved for a GitLab Ultimate license so that's sorted (although I haven't received it yet)

@Gargron i'm surprised you didn't go with some self-hosted solution like gitea

@valerauko It is self-hosted. It's a license for a self-hosted software.

@Gargron oh ultimate is self-hosted? then just the usual "but it's just another business like github" argument

@valerauko If it's on my domain and my hardware then what github-like argument can you make?

@Gargron @valerauko Biggest risk with self hosted GitLab is @Gargron gets "hit by a bus" and the server eventually stops working. Easily mitigated by working toward placing the project under a fiscal sponsor like @conservancy et al.


@downey @Gargron @valerauko @conservancy

yeah eugen should consider using the conservancy or the similar community-run projects, like the Debian GIt salsa.debian.org

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