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This is my official mastodon i like bananas.
theyre yellow.

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rsync -a -delete empty/ foo/ # Apparently the fastest way to delete millions of small files.

I wish all my fedifrens happy and relaxing holidays ❤️ remember to take time off for yourself too and take a walk in nature! play around in snow as well if you have any :) spend time with your loved ones, and don't push yourself through anxiety

Hugs to all!!

The Intellectual Dark Web is creating their own Patreon. Eventually, they’ll accept lobsters as a form of currency

hello everyone! I'm new here and looking to make friends! I come from Tumblr and my interest include anime and video games. I'm not sure how this works but I look forward to talking with you all! :kirby_happy:

daily reminder that communism leads to death and low QoL, i guess.

why does an airport have a twitter account

why does google translate work with literally every other website than masto and pleroma

if youre a toxic linux user that wants everyone to use barebones arch and a fullscreen cli and fully free software and attack anyone for doing anything else

communism (the game): finding family members to eat

"with our collective project we must work for france"

lmao, 0/10 speech by Macroon

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !