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I honestly find it funny how the UK goverments trying to ban DNS crypt

China is working to silence critics of its prisonlike re-education camps

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C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg. - Bjarne Stroustrup #famous #quotes

in the year 2030 to become president of the united states you have to make an appearance on the joe rogan podcast and have a twitch channel
@lain @sampo I'm ready to ban any instance with an average eunomia trust score lower than 90%
I'm gonna declare war on and take the role of flagship pleromacinstance.

reproduction of any part of this post without my express written permission is prohibited

Can someone tell me if they know researchs about "electronic but with only easy to obtain materials"?

Like only silicium/common metals/easily recyclable stuff...

Interested to know how a tiny community can fulfill its electronics needs without relying on big international imports (sort of impossible if you're an individual / without relying on a big company)

Boost? :3

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predecimal british currency is weird (from smallest to largest)

halfpenny (pronounced haypenny): 2 farthings
penny (1D): 2 halfpence or 4 farthings
threepence (3D, pronounced thruhpence): 3 pence
sixpence (6D, or tanner): 2 threepence
shilling (1/-): 2 sixpence (12 pence)
florin (2/-): 2 shillings (24 pence)
half crown (2/6): 2 shillings and sixpence (30 pence)
crown (5/-, 5S): 5 shillings (60 pence)
half sovereign: 10 shillings
sovereign: 20 shillings or a pound sterling

1 Pound can be:
1 sovereign
2 half sovereigns
4 crowns
8 half crowns
10 florins
20 shillings
40 sixpence
80 threepence
240 pence
480 halfpence or
960 farthings


folks we gonna need a better *sip* emoji, it has room for improvement :3

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