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This is my official mastodon i like bananas.
theyre yellow.

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why does an airport have a twitter account

why does google translate work with literally every other website than masto and pleroma

if youre a toxic linux user that wants everyone to use barebones arch and a fullscreen cli and fully free software and attack anyone for doing anything else

communism (the game): finding family members to eat

"with our collective project we must work for france"

lmao, 0/10 speech by Macroon

@miwilc If you block it you are a bad person TBH

RT @jonathantullett: And @kubuntu with Plasma is beautiful. Installed in a few minutes. Needed to scale the screen a little (1.5) as I don’… tweeted by @kubuntu

discord is not that bad for projects :3

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !