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Ireland has voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment with 39 out of 40 constituencies voting YES.

Total poll 2,159,655.
Spoilt: 6,042
TVP: 2,153,613.
YES: 1,429,981 (66.4%)
NO: 723,632 (33.6%)

The only constituency to vote No was Donegal at 51.9%

#repealthe8th #repealedthe8th

what if activitypub but over email
there is already plenty enough of infrastructure for that
there's even DKIM which is basically what linked data signatures are in the current model

Today is the 1st day of the Strange Worlds Expedition in Elite Dangerous

Watch the news announcement here: hooktube.com/v50OXr71XP0

Photos from:

myself (hi) with:

CMDR Spacman (who is leading this trip, anaconda on the ground)
CMDR Darth Tasty (The Asp X in photos)
CMDR Ryenea (The discord host, anaconda in space)

how to program: pay a couple of chinese teenagers to work on your app for a couple hundo and bingo you set my man

Steam: "Play a game that you've spent less than an hour playing."
*lists <16 games*

Me: NO, let me to my spending habits in peace

A stack of #RemoteWorking roles were just added to #Mozilla's #careers page. Work in #FOSS

- Senior #Cryptography #Engineer
- Senior #SpiderMonkey Engineer
- Junior #DataAnalyst
- Infrastructure Engineer Manager
- #IT #Operations Engineer
- Senior #ProductManager
- Senior Cloud #Security Engineer
- #Firefox #ProjectManager
- Senior #ProductDesigner
- #UX Designer


/ <MFGolfBal> rit/ara: There's something \
| really demented about UNIX |
| |
\ underwear... /
\ ^__^
\ (oo)\_______
(__)\ )\/\
||----w |
|| ||

omg german rye with the hot takes, smh

A big happy GDPR day to all our amazing allies, members and readers in the EU!

(By reading this tweet, you assert that you pro-actively consent to letting us congratulate you by DM every day for the next fifteen years and ... wait, that's not how it works anymore?) source: twitter.com/eff/status/1000070

kawen space is cancelled my online presence is cancelled we out of here bye

"Fight me," the knight called.
"No," the dragon yawned.
"You must!"
"But it is your purpose!"
"In your story, not mine. Tell another."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories