@mitsu I was probably talking about visiting a doctor or something.

@mitsu @RafiX but I'm innocent just like one. Maybe even more innocent than that!

@newt @RafiX HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm laughing so hard

@mitsu @RafiX here's another puppy to prove my innocence and pureness. Are you gonna argue with that?

@RafiX @mitsu is rather lewd. I'm more innocent and pure than she is.

@newt @RafiX Not with the puppy but you aren't a puppy

@mitsu lol i am actually frustrated without my ex though. fml
@mitsu I MISS MY BABE. I'm gonna be friends with her and the future holds whether it goes to love I guess :/

IM GONNA BE AWESOME. also i told her i'm gonna be silent for another week because we had a fight yesterday

@calv I still think that coming back with an ex is a mistake but everyone does what they want

@mitsu Lol, but doesn't mean I can't think the lewd was good tho. Miss that babe, she was hot
@mitsu Lol I'd deffo if she was like "come over" be like good bye £100 I'm getting to that babe
@mitsu lol if she wanted to just sleep together one night i'd immediately take the eurotunnel to see her lol


@calv You shouldn't love someone just for that, at least that's my point of view

@mitsu Lol I don't, but I can sleep with them lol.

I truly love her for her personality, the good and the bad. I truly love her. ❤️ She's my angel, and she's so dumb and forgiving, but stubborn and angryyyyy
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