hi im maz i like anime memes cute girls fried chicken and all that

i have no friends but i will love you

@maz I like cute girls too - but who doesn't? What's your all-time anime waifu?

@shylax I like them a looot! People call me a ~normie~ for this but I really love Mikasa Ackerman of SNK, for like, more than 4 years already πŸ˜…

How about you?.

@maz My OG anime waifu is Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon, although I also really like Ami Mizuno as well. I don't actually have that many anime waifus, mine tend to be from VN/anime-inspired games, like Naoto from Persona 4 and Phi from Zero Time Dilemma.

@shylax Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury aaaa :blobaww: you have a kawaii taste!

@maz I need to watch more anime, but I find it hard to sit down and watch anything, really. The last anime I watched was Madoka a few months ago (and yes I know I was late to the party!).

@shylax don't worry :blobpats: I myself don't watch anymore these days >w< I try to squeeze it my free time waaa

The last anime I watched was Yuru Camp! I highly recommend it, it's extremely comfy. What genres of anime are you into?

@maz Oh, I need to watch that! It looks so adorable. I like magical girl, mystery, sci-fi (but not mecha), and some shonen. I could never get into Dragon Ball Z, but I really got into Fist of the North Star, and JJBA, for example.

@shylax very nice! I personally need to update myself on DBZ πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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