oh. niu.moe still works for another month. guess i dont need to look for a new server now 🙃

I think today is the last day for niu.moe? q.q can maybe recommend me a new server?

... and now it's time to do all the annoying things. to change my name everywhere else. New passport, new id card, health insurance, work, all the contracts, bank accounts...

And then there are also services like paypal where creating a new account is prob the easiest option 🙃 not looking forward to all of that oof

Name: officially Changed!
Gender: officialy Changed!
Epic gamer time!

Seems like I'll go to 36c3! I just got a ticket for my SO and myself. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

can discord please just stop existing

or at the very least can foss projects stop using it???



Computew pwogamming is the pwocess of designying and buiwding an executabwe computew pwogwam for accompwoshing a twask, like changing weguwar twext to owo twext~

hewwo frens
pls let us all have a fun + happe caturday


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