I have now my own instance on @naka :3

Importing my followings now…

(niu is cute stuff nevertheless)

- How many Germans does it take to replace a light bulb?
- ???
- Only one. We're efficient and not very funny.

*slaps the german language* this bad boy can fit so many zusammengesetzte WΓΆrter in it

i really gotta get into those rpg maker games again i used to play them all the time lmao i was obsessed w/ them

Watching cute anime girls in a comf show always calms me down if and when I'm having a bad day. Where would I have gotten without anime.

I wanna meet new people q.q If somebody can recommend me some chatgroups/communities for danganronpa, touhou, steins;gate or just programming or anime then this would make me happy . _ . and im also open for dm in general ^^'

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