I was fired from the keyboard factory yesterday. I wasn't putting in enough shifts.

Software dev would be so nice without the enduser.

lofi hip hop radio - beats to overthrow the government to

i must have been really fucking bored when i recorded this

Some people complain that this is the hottest summer in the last 125 years, but I like to think of it as the coolest summer of the next 125 years! Glass half full!

stolen from twitter.com/CarterBays/status/

i wonder if you are able to dox somebody if you have their weather forecast?

maybe there is a good api? :thinking_cirno: in theory it should be doable. At least if you know the weather forecast service and they let you easily look up all places with a specific temperature at mm:hh dd.mm.yyyy

im sure its hate as soon as i have to work with other people who think dynamic typing is cool and using semicolons is bad uwu

I still don't know if I love or hate mongoDB and grails? πŸ€” but I think I hate it... Or... is that maybe a bdsm relationship with weird power dynamics, lots of love and lots of pain?

My best friend gifted me a new 2ds xl ❀️ First thing I did was to install homebrew on it ^^

Now I have a WiiU, n2dsxl and a psvita with homebrew. I also already have a switch (but without homebrew so far, scared of getting banned πŸ™ƒ ). So the only console I still want is a ps3. ... is there already something for the ps4?

I can't stop crying..... damn onion

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