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I used to be but my stupid ass decided to make this account to start fresh

The console so old that the shadow is even pixelating

Imagine trying to release a processor earlier than the competitor, but drawing not only flak from tech reviewers, the behaviour of the company is called into question.

You will never know a person's worth until they leave your side

I have never gotten this much emotional over a girl that I love

XBOX/PC owners

The Xbox team and Discord have teamed up to offer three months of Discord Nitro/Game Pass to subscribers of either service

If you are subscribed to Discord Nitro, you will receive three months of Xbox Game Pass (console/PC) for FREE.

If you are subscribed to Game Pass, you will receive three months of Discord Nitro for FREE.

I find it odd how Xbox conferences/live streams will, without fail, be filled with PlayStation fans commenting negative stuff in the comments.

Fucking kids and their AirPods I swear to Jesus

We need a video streaming site that can compete with the likes of YouTube

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