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I used to be but my stupid ass decided to make this account to start fresh

I know Core 2 stuff is old, but if I can refurbish the PC to a working state, I most likely would.
Then I would sell the computers away for some instant cash.

This scenario is only if the PC is worth any money upgrading. I don't plan to spend any cash if the PCs have only 2GB of DDR2 RAM

Hey everyone, I just want to ask...

Would an upgrade from a Core 2 Duo processor to a Core 2 Quad show any significant performance in terms of gaming? I'm planning to get the Q6600 to replace the Core 2 Duo inside the Lenovo ThinkCentre PC that I'm receiving on Thursday.

I'm adding in a 120GB SSD, a 500GB HDD and an RX460 2GB to make the computer perform better.
Maybe I'll get more RAM too just in case.

You know it's weird that Windows 10 runs much better than macOS on Apple's own hardware

I tried this on my friend's MacBook Pro 2015, and Windows 10 ran even better than the version of macOS on the laptop.

macOS Catalina dropped support for 32-bit applications, and it's causing major inconvenience to its users.

The laziness of Apple by not creating an emulator to run 32-bit apps like Windows 10 does is a huge shame, especially when most apps are still 32-bit.

A huge damn shame.

Does anyone know the models of these workstations? I'm curious to find out the processor inside of them.

I have a desktop here with a Core 2 Duo E6420. Do you think I can slap on an RX 460 (2GB) and be done with it, or will the Core 2 Duo be a huge bottleneck for the graphics card?

Good news from the psychiatrist

I've shown a lot of improvement over the past three months that I basically don't have to return.

Contains spoilers to Joker 

Went to watch Joker.

No spoilers, of course. But I recommend watching this if you want to know his side of the story. It's dark.

literally this girl broke up with her boyfriend like two months ago and she already has another one

that's... pretty short

Sticking a disc into your PlayStation 2 and seeing this screen

You gotta choose one

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