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shoutout to me parsing binary and wondering why the numbers are wrong, realising i'm working in the wrong units and the numbers i had multiplied by 20 were correct an hour ago

something i haven't had for like ten years: cherry lollies, which were like a double sided lolly with deep red hardboiled cheery candy on each side of the green coloured stick.

i guess i haven't had ~any~ cherry flavoured candy for a while?

i've always been jealous of american thanksgiving and people who get to sit down with friends or family and enjoy the company of people who love you and you love them

it's a cardboard box

i can draw, honest

linux failing: trying to play midi file without midi-specific software. windows media player could handle this half a dozen operating systems ago

yt is recommending leon the professional with chinese subs on the front page?

young programmers hate oop because we all hate our parents

after misplacing my glasses last night i'm 100% convinced they legitimately disappeared. like the atoms just melted away. random chance dictates this is a reasonable possibility and it happened, they're gone

i placed my glasses on the top of my sofa thinking, that's a dumb idea, i'm just going to forget, knock them off, and crush them. what do you think happened?

no, they didn't get crushed. they just ... disappeared. i haven't seen them for two hours. maybe i put them on again and took them off and forgot about it? life is a mystery

i remember clearly when i discovered my superpower is being on the edge of sneeze and being able to look at a light to push it all the way instead of failing and feeling bad

i haven't been sleeping well and am definitely not sleeping tonight but i don't know what to doooooo. i don't really have anything to work on (although i'm kinda itching for it) and feel kinda crappy so games, tv or something would be good but i can't decide and am just kinda sitting here? i'm mostly spending my time being a big sack of worry

we're in those bad 10-11 months of the year where cherries aren't in season and widely available

i'm not reeeaaalllly a fan of coconut but i bought this

now you know everything about me (it put me in the rep group 'nerdies' ^^)

(i'm playing urbz again for the first time in more than a decade)

urbz: sims in the city was an okay game for ds, right near release. it was more linear/mission based

i appreciate everyone's help but the image was about the date, i know how to change a password

coincidence: almost exactly a year ago i set up the raspberry pi i now feel like using (and can't remember the password for ^^)

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