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It's 4am, I should go to bed

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I'm hungry but don't want to cook or move. Life is too hard 😞

568CK-B3V5D-8X4NC free steam game

I had a social event with my company. All I was thinking was how much i wanted to go home.

Hell's Kitchen is pretty good. Gordon Ramsey is always best girl 😊

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@BryanLunduke was our only champion to appear and inquire for us at the W3C conference on DRM. We must not take this lightly.

W3C rejects appeal, approves DRM standard, votes kept secret

The W3C has rejected the appeal to remove (or reconsider) the EME/DRM Web Standard. Thus making EME (a framework for DRM) now a formal recommended W3C standa...

When will I start this 20 page report that is due in less than a week.πŸ€”

Jeb Bush should be president of the world.

What do if your workplace uses nothing but Microsoft products? Show more

Anyone got any phone suggestions? I'm looking to get a new phone but I'm not sure what to get.

Makes it hard to troubleshoot applications

I know nothing about SQL. Hahaha

Things I hate:

- Microsoft Outlook
- Printers