:ablobcatknitsweats: Comment se termine cette histoire ?! Le mot de passe est-il toujours là ?

Sure, but it may still seem a stretch that both optimize as far as that!

This manga makes fashion so exciting: Runway de Waratte (Smile at the Runway)


I think I'm getting the hang of universe polymorphism. Quite tedious though.

Finally the official Coq refman is at 8.9.1, lots of improvements over 8.9.0, and more to come!


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En assez bref, je ne suis pas très doué dans les activités artistiques mais j'aime bien l'info et les maths et je m'en sers pour essayer de faire des images 😅

J'ai tendance à bien aimer expliquer comment c'est fait, donc je vais probablement aussi discuter de détails techniques

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#Toulouse : le mystère du nom des herbes folles sur les trottoirs est enfin résolu. (18 photos)

Derrière cette démarche utile, originale et pédagogique, deux botanistes facétieux qui ont su susciter la curiosité des passants. Une idée de génie.


@raichoo You added doctests to generic-data and I had forgotten about it until today :)

I'm usually surprised when I find anything in Coq :)

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Have you heard of any #Coq library for alternating automata? I found it surprisingly difficult to find.

The Last Word On Nothing | Chris Arnade’s Book: Dignity

"Yet after 10 years on Wall Street I had this nagging sense that maybe the undergraduate degree in math, the PhD in physics, the days spent building math models to think about global economics – was limited, and perhaps also wrong. "


This is talking about the theory of subtyping though, not Coq coercions.

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