is a practical tool, there is only room for constructive answers, not theoretical ones.

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Au bon tweet cartographique (avec la France en exemple) :

"Le cartographe hongrois Robert Szucs a fait une série de cartes sur les bassins versants : chaque fleuve a une couleur qui lui est propre et le résultat est juste 😍 à toutes les échelles"

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Wild (H: 1 + a = a + 1) appears!
You use simpl! It wasn't very effecive...
Wild H uses rewrite on your (IHn: (1 + (a + 1) = a + 2))! Your IHn fainted...

I am horrified and amazed at the same time by this work of art (you probably need a computer to play this):

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The Deadlock Empire

Slay dragons, learn concurrency! Play the cunning Scheduler, exploit flawed programs and defeat the armies of the Parallel Wizard.

The reasonable effectiveness of the continuation monad

Just one or two more posts and that will have been a good month for my blog.

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Do you want tea or coffee?
Proof relevant reply: tea please :blobcattea:
Proof irrelevant reply: yes

Moral of the story is: use Agda instead of Coq and HoTT was a mistake.
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Pourquoi est-il préférable d'utiliser des verbes d'action sur les boutons plutôt que "Oui", "Non, "Ok" ?

Lorsque les utilisateurs lisent un verbe d'action, ils savent ce que le bouton fera. Ils peuvent agir sans lire aucun texte de support tel qu'un dialogue de confirmation.

La preuve en image, avec un bloc de texte explicatif caché, l'action reste claire avec des verbes d'action

I thought operational semantics were a straightforward way of formalizing languages, until I actually tried. I'm now drowning in operational bureaucracy. Denotational semantics are more fun.

This manga makes fashion so exciting: Runway de Waratte (Smile at the Runway)

I think I'm getting the hang of universe polymorphism. Quite tedious though.

Finally the official Coq refman is at 8.9.1, lots of improvements over 8.9.0, and more to come!

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