Ahh, Zuckerberg knows so little about his company these days it's laughable.

"If it's you please just ignore this message" omg.

Gotta be PayPal, right? ;)

Wow, so now not only does @discordapp@twitter.com use Electron, but now so does @NexusSites@twitter.com Vortex Mod Manager.... Welp, RIP RAM.

Electron popular in gaming apps.... what a weird combination.

Mental health (-), depression 

I'm gonna be honest, this really isn't the way I wanted to start this year. January's already been worse than some of my lowest moments last year; not boding well for 2018.

... Which leads me to wonder if I'm going to be able to make it. There were.some times last year that I desperately sought death, and if this one's already worse...



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