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With Eos (eos.dheaton.uk) launched, it'll cost.

If you can support it at all, I'd be grateful.

Patreon: www.patreon.com/lyrenhex

I'll add you to chats, and then, when you're already fragile from breaking down, I'll let you notice that I've kicked you from it and thereby excluded you from everyone else. Yay.

I hate this bullshit hot-and-cold thing that everyone seems to be doing these days. Why can't people be straightforward? You're either a friend, or you're not? That'd be so much easier to deal with than this "I'm your friend but sometimes I'm not". The fuck?

Protip for people trying to be friendly: don't actively exclude your own fucking friends.

I swear, and people question why humans piss me off.

Wow, so now not only does @discordapp@twitter.com use Electron, but now so does @NexusSites@twitter.com Vortex Mod Manager.... Welp, RIP RAM.

Electron popular in gaming apps.... what a weird combination.

... and people question why I never want my personal data within 2 km of Facebook's services.


(both disks were, in truth, hardly full in the first place.)

Some days, computers aren't fun.

Windows wouldn't boot past POST. recovery media diskpart showed two disks with 0B left untruthfully.

Cleaned both; still 0B. Convert to MBR and back to GPT; all data free again.

Voodoo magic???

Woah, just found out that my, like, favourite streamer lives just a 15 minute drive away.... Damn.

(I'm also his only viewer who knows which town he lives in, ahah. πŸ˜‚ )

Dual wield rogues on DAI Nightmare difficulty are decently easy... Huh.

This is coming from someone who jumped from a casual rift mage build straight to nightmare, ahah.

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For two hours commencing 8th February at 10pm UTC, Eos chat may be intermittently unavailable, as network maintenance occurs.


@tom ... Are you absolutely certain that Windows doesn't have some deep hatred for you?

Already two years old. :) The first four Ubuntu Animals of my still on-going illustration series (28 so far). Inspired by Ubuntu's release names. sylvia-ritter.com/new-gallery/. #ubuntu #illustration #krita #art #mastoart

And it's decided! Eos (eos.dheaton.uk) version 2 will move Eos over to being a FLOSS project.

(It's not possible on the current project infrastructure, unfortunately.)

Piece of advice for anyone looking to go into , but doesn't learn from *just* copying code from a book:

Think of something to make. It's usually best to think small at first, or expect to achieve by editing an existing project. Then try do it. Learn the words to use (programming books will tell you what things *are*, then you can use the words in Google) and search for how to do each step of the program.

Through this, you learn how it works. You use Google less for menial tasks.

Minor Eos chat outage today. Resolved.

Gonna take another look at the connection error screen, provide alternative contact points such as the Samaritans and such. Otherwise, the backend rewrite will also resolve most stability issues soon.

Kinda tempted to start writing "Google" thus: GπŸ‘€gle

'Cos, y'know, when everybody first got cross with Microsoft and stuff, "M$" was basically the best we could do with ASCII, right? But now it is absolutely time we enlisted the full address space of Unicode in developing better online passive-aggressive typing habits.