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The official datasheet on Eos version 1 ( ) has now been published for public viewing, in the interests of transparency.

Included are plans for the next release due 2019.!AsyFWxzoreYGkIt1LP

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With Eos ( launched, it'll cost.

If you can support it at all, I'd be grateful.


Honestly surprised the government's majority lasted so long.

Here's some ideas for good things to do:
- Support LGBT people and Pride all year round, not just when it gets you a profit
- Support people regardless of ethnicity or where they're from
- Help people who need it!
- Be open, accepting, and tolerant - y'know, our "British Values"?

So apparently Trump has the gall to call - busy doing his job - a "national disgrace". The real national disgrace is the resurgence of the far-right, intolerance, and violence; and the acceptance of a President who doesn't have the decency to respect London's Mayor.

Resignation does not undo the tremendous harm done to many within the UK.

May's Government has caused immense harm to disabled people, EU nationals, and many others.

Don't now start claiming that she "tried her best" and was "dealt a losing hand". She campaigned for that hand.

The Elsweyr soundtrack is really damn nice. Love it. (Now to hope that they release it like they did for Morrowind's)

Automatic updates are great for standard users' security.

But maybe check if the user has had to rollback the update before auto-downloading and trying to install it? Seems a bit silly that you have to keep rolling back...

(re: Windows)

So, we're approaching the end of . I haven't mentioned this so far, because things like this are stressful as many people don't get it, but please, the next time you find yourself wondering what autism is: ask an person. We know it best.

7 years ago I learned programming using VB6 and Python. I flipping loved Python.

Now I have to do a project in it, though... I prefer Go so much.

Brexit was partly about parliamentary sovereignty, right?

... So why are people complaining about the Speaker upholding the rules of Parliament?

The flagship service will terminate Sunday. All server-side data will be lost irrevocably. Will be back eventually, and will support data imports at such time. Don't know when.

Due to a hiccup with finances - namely a disagreement with certain authorities - Eos is going offline for the foreseeable future. I've no control over this, I need to consolidate money. Apologies to anyone affected - self-hosting remains an option. I advise downloading your data.

I think it's a delicious case of irony and lack of foresight that Leave.EU will lose their domain upon Brexit. Given that we won't be a member state, and thus no longer eligible for .EU...

Your friendly reminder that "kids these days" are GenZ, not Millennials. Millennials are all adults.

Listening to life in mono temporarily is... Weird, to say the least, and uncomfortable. Hm.

Am I the only one who likes the Gmail update and has been waiting for a redesign like this since forever?

... I guess so. :(

Can labour please stop saying they "could" do things AND ACTUALLY DO IT.

You "could" back a second referendum? JUST BLOODY DO IT.

Until then, I'm assuming you won't. Because you won't. 🤷‍♂️

(Ofc, I don't like the Tories either. This government is a mess... But when is it not?)

(for reference, this is a friend's code and I've tried different things. Sleeping or showing a message box fix it, but are not ideal solutions.)

Bug in a C# program: a for loop in response to a button press. Each loop changes one of three labels' text with randomly generated text from a static function call. With breakpoints, runs flawlessly. Without, each label ends up with the same text. Anyone have any ideas?

Blaming Russia for Brexit is misleading. Might Russia have played a part? Perhaps. But it was still Brits who voted. If you're able to be swayed by a Russian bot, then clearly you aren't thinking critically h as you should be.

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