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The official datasheet on Eos version 1 ( ) has now been published for public viewing, in the interests of transparency.

Included are plans for the next release due 2019.!AsyFWxzoreYGkIt1LP

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With Eos ( launched, it'll cost.

If you can support it at all, I'd be grateful.


So, hold on, the US Gov't want to define gender "grounded in science" as two options... But science already accounts for at least 3 sexes (and thus genders): male, female, and "other" (those who biologically do not fit either - eg, hermaphrodites or people with no sex.)

Here's an interesting thought: if you create a new position of "Suicide Prevention Minister", and then give it to someone who's consistently voted against mental health welfare support, *you don't actually care and it's really bloody obvious*. 🙃🙃

@SleepyNEET it's based on Wine, but has changes made to accommodate Steam better & translate DX API calls direct to native Vulkan, as I understand, so should be a pretty solid system imo.

So, Valve released Proton, enabling Windows games to run on Linux. Theoretically, could this then finally enable the Year of Linux that we've been hoping for? Especially given their use of the Vulkan API, which is admittedly stronger than DX12.

Enter the Mega with for your chance to over £10,000 worth of prizes

can't decide whether these examples are really good or really shit

If you’re running Pop!_OS and some icons look completely out of place (like Gnome Builder), do this:

sudo apt install pop-icon-theme-extra

(And I hope the System76 folks reconsider their decision to make the icons inconsistent by default.)

Uhh... Water being diverted into the Pacific Ocean?

I believe that's the natural state of rivers: they flow into the ocean.

Can anybody PLEASE explain what he's trying to say? I fail to understand.

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I will not boycott for what is simply a business decision. Having said that, I am personally given that I do not feel comfortable with projects hosted under a Microsoft company.

This isn't advice - do what you want - it's just a notice.

.... Interesting that high-achieving English students don't understand metaphors? Hm.

Gonna have to revise my definition of high-achieving.

For the next month, my account's going to be protected (tweets hidden to non-followers).

I shouldn't have to worry about what is essentially stalking, by someone who has caused severe detriment to my life for the previous few years.

The best part of : half of the companies emailing me will stop automatically because I don't care enough to respond to their emails.

... So turns 3 tomorrow...

Which would make it just under 2 years since I convinced my somewhat stubborn friends to ditch Skype, joining over 23 servers, organising gaming and development events, and meeting great new people.


Which is worse? Trying, for years, to save a child at no direct charge to the parents, and failing; or doing nothing at all to save a child because the parents can't afford it?

Ahh, Zuckerberg knows so little about his company these days it's laughable.

Uhh... So apparently people are using online tools showing edited pixels now to detect fake images?


That's... Really not how it works. Honestly, if a message is edited, it's going to be crisper and less "edited".


"If it's you please just ignore this message" omg.

Gotta be PayPal, right? ;)

... since when, and why, does YouTube now bookend videos with adverts? One at the start made sense, but one at the end of every vid?

I've never understood the claim that people would "rather be smart and have no friends than dumb and have friends".

Like... No. You really wouldn't if you understood what it's like to just FEEL isolated.

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