As a programmer it's been really hard to wean myself off of thinking in terms of global solutions. This, in comparison to building local or community technology.

Thinking this way can make things harder (now your tech needs need to scale to the world) and not useful (different people in different places have different needs).

This kind of blew my mind: like, you can just go and build a piece of tech and only give it to your friends & the immediate people it's helpful for. You don't *need* to design for The World. I think this kind of thinking is really important for breaking away from capitalistic modes of thinking.

@tty i'd say free software breaks those mode of thinking, but I suppose there are large projects with similar problems - being too lare scale in terms of features, and not listening to a community

Small scale free software would probably be the play. Write software that doesn't pander to large audiences, but release the code so that other groups can benefit, and to give individuals autonomy over their software

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