Did some React dev for a portfolio thing
:blobawkward: the whole data passage scheme is kind of fun to work around, but also feels clunky

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Try not to be mean to Arch Linux users as the wiki lacks a page on handling social rejection.

i use arch btw

Recently got sucked into Minecraft again, mostly by posts @Ste1lar keeps making :blobcatsip:

... just spent several hours on this Automata Theory homework. :blobdead:

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why do people say hornt im a little out of the loop on how people on mastodon are

Had a dream where a bunch of guys (from a frat?) took over my college. They had a machine that would alter people's genders, incrementally. As everything descended into chaos and anarchy, I was captured, and brought to the machine in some final, ritualistic step into another gender. Before they flipped the switch, I woke up.

... I'm not sure what THAT means, but it really wasn't terrifying I think :blobcatsurprised:

Wait did "nini" mean "night-night" this entire time

Had to explain the phrase"what's the deal with airplane food"yesterday. :blobthinking:

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...does the emoji not show up for anyone else? :blobflushed:

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people really encrypting their pc when they could just open vim and leave

Had a little over an hour to fiddle with some personal dev projects - felt pretty good

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Are any open source companies looking for interns rn?

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