@lumi broke: capitalist society
woke: anarchist commune
bespoke: free love anarchist commune

@artemis @lumi kisses and cuddles and handholding for ALL
(except transphobes, enbyphobes, and all those other 'phobes)

@pyromage @artemis what about arachnophobes?

and anarchophobes?

@lumi @artemis Arachnophobes get a pass because I am one
(spiders are scary)

@lumi @artemis i need to live with someone who isn't one so they can put spiders outside when one comes inside

@pyromage @artemis i really don't want spiders to come inside me :blobcatscared:

@pyromage @lumi @fred "The name Arachnophilia comes from the term meaning "love of spiders", a metaphor for the task of building on the World Wide Web. "

OK FRIEND first of all, no

@artemis @pyromage @lumi henceforth all web developers shall be referred to as arachnids.

@lumi @fred @pyromage

<!-- this code makes HTTP requests so im scared to look at it -->

@fred @artemis @pyromage the "h" in "html" stands for "HOLY SHIT THERE'S A SPIDER HERE"

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