please let's put that cursed thing where it belongs

in the trash

@lumi cant til I find a reasonable alternative honestly

@yisraeldov @pry I prefer xmpp but sure it is an alternative

neither seem satisfactory for the average user though...

@Akio @pry @lumi Does xmpp keep a history of the chat ? I don't remember that it did group chat well either, or provided good encryption.

@yisraeldov @Akio @pry it can keep history on the server side but i have that module disable as i don't like the concept and want to stay away from it

it does have good e2e encryption via OMEMO

@lumi @Akio @pry Ok, well the history is an important feature for keeping everyone up-to-date when you are working with a team, so people can see what they missed when they are offline, I think this is one of the reasons that irc falls short.


@yisraeldov @Akio @pry yeah, my opinion on it is mixed

bounded chat history is probably a good compromise

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