Follow @mlubert @pry i used to be active on those forums like phpBB, myBB and whatnot long ago

i miss them ;-; @mlubert @pry i hope AP gets public/private groups at some point … i feel like it could bring back at least a part of that

@lumi @ichii @mlubert @pry

Same. I really dislike platforms in general that replaced forums because they are always very temporary in their nature.
Want to look up discussions from 6 years ago? No Problem with forums, but there's no fucking way to do this on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, the Fediverse, etc... And that sucks a lot. I used to read old discussions every now and then because I enjoy reading people's views on topics that interest me, and it's also cool to see how things may have changed over time. Also, in forums posts usually are of way higher quality because there wasn't such a high pressure to respond fast than there is now. It's like observing part of history, and that feeling is completely gone with modern platforms.
@Feuerfuchs @lumi @ichii @mlubert @pry I think you are spot on. There is no way of putting long thought out stuff on social media, it’s only focused on the temporary, on the now. Even fucking LiveJournal had a better story for it.. seriously.

@Feuerfuchs @mlubert @pry decentralized forum standard when :blobcatthink:

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