@ichii @lumi @pry Using Discord for voice chat: Great. Trying to use Discord for ANYTHING else: Garbage.

I've seen SO many subreddits and other groups turn to Discord to function like a Wiki, but making read-only channels that are designed to be read chronologically as a sort of record. What's that, you want to cross reference something? TOO BAD HOPE YOUR SEARCH DOESN'T RETURN 1000+ MESSAGES


@mlubert @ichii@ichii.moe @pry voice chat might be the only actual ok use case for it, though still depending on a centralized system for it is bad

it only gets uglier from there, like them having massive amounts of centralized logs, no end-to-end encryption for DMs, unbounded logs for DMs, etc

@mlubert @ichii@ichii.moe @pry on a more personal level, discord's unbounded, centralized DM logs just scare me

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