please let's put that cursed thing where it belongs

in the trash

@lumi cant til I find a reasonable alternative honestly

@pry for most of its functionality: look at xmpp

for the rest: soon™

@pry tbh i think the biggest thing is where people are

discord would not be valuable without its users

it wouldnt have gotten so big without their pretty religious hype squad

their strength is being able to use your friends against you, and more than anything else, that's the reason i hate it so much

@lumi @pry Hype squad came about way after discord exploded though.

It became big because TeamSpeak 3 didn't keep up with modern software. XMPP was never Discord competition imo.

@ichii @lumi @pry Using Discord for voice chat: Great. Trying to use Discord for ANYTHING else: Garbage.

I've seen SO many subreddits and other groups turn to Discord to function like a Wiki, but making read-only channels that are designed to be read chronologically as a sort of record. What's that, you want to cross reference something? TOO BAD HOPE YOUR SEARCH DOESN'T RETURN 1000+ MESSAGES


@mlubert @ichii @pry voice chat might be the only actual ok use case for it, though still depending on a centralized system for it is bad

it only gets uglier from there, like them having massive amounts of centralized logs, no end-to-end encryption for DMs, unbounded logs for DMs, etc

@mlubert @ichii @pry on a more personal level, discord's unbounded, centralized DM logs just scare me

@lumi @mlubert @pry They are. I don't even buy their "once you delete a message, it's gone from our servers" mantra

@ichii @mlubert @pry isn't it still stored on the other end of the DM anyway?

you deleting your logs doesn't delete the other person's logs, or am i wrong?

@lumi @mlubert @pry If you delete a message everyone else cannot see it anymore either.

Support always says that they cannot retrieve message X because it was deleted (was requested for moderation purposes). But obviously no one can know for sure.

@ichii @mlubert @pry yeah understood

even if you don't look at how it's centralized etc, if anyone got access to your account, they'd get all your message history, and that's really scary

let's all just collectively say no to unbounded server-side logs, at least for DMs

@ichii @lumi @pry I'm inclined to believe that, because it's likely legal has noted there are at least a few unsavory Discords out there, and as soon as one with illegal content (planning terror attacks or distributing child porn) goes to trial, ALL of Discord's money is gonna dry up really quick (See Gab).

@mlubert @lumi @pry That's why they say they won't encrypt any messages... so that they can moderate those groups

@ichii @mlubert @pry oh yeah i saw a response on reddit about that

nobody deserves privacy because oh no some people are doing bad things

@ichii @mlubert @pry did you know that some people are criminals? let's just put them all behind bars


@lumi @pry Yeah, but as @mlubert said, they will run out of money if Discord is used for shady stuff. Unlike Telegram, it is not funded by not-so-clean money from a single individual.

@ichii @pry @mlubert telegram: discord with phone numbers and some story about how it has good goals

in the bin, it's at the same level as discord because nothing can go lower than that thing

@lumi @mlubert @pry @ichii riot/matrix are a decent alternative to discord. Ive never used xmpp so I don't know how well it compares to that, but in my experience riot works fine, other than its e2e encryption being a buggy mess that isn't very user friendly. Or at least, that's how it was back when I still actively used it, around a year ago.
None of my friends use it anymore so I haven't used it for a while.

@astolfo @pry @mlubert @ichii i had various small issues with matrix when i used it a couple months ago

i'm open to using it again if someone wants me to, tho i'm not going to use it without e2e encryption

i really hope that message retention extension gets passed for matrix because i want data hygiene, not storing stuff forever

all that being said, i much prefer xmpp

@ichii @mlubert @lumi @pry Ah yes, their high quality moderation of banning people that hate on furries, because their staff consist of furries.
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