people advertising their discord guilds on the fediverse is so perverse

finally got free from some centralized control, then advertise centralized services

????? it's so messed up

@a_breakin_glass pretty much discord with phone numbers and a slight illusion of security

@lumi I've seen some twitch streams thanks to fedi, but there aren't any FLOSS or non-centralised alternatives soooo

@a_breakin_glass I actually use wire but only as a last resort, its not nearly as bad as most centralized services

still ugh tho

@a_breakin_glass somehow advertising twitch streams doesn't sound as perverse to me

maybe because its just a broadcasting service and doesn't have as much of a network effect??

honestly something to think about

@lumi @a_breakin_glass Right now there is no way to self-host anything like YouTube or Twitch. Just too difficult and requires way too much bandwidth and computing power. No decentralized alternatives either for the same reasons.

So I think it's understandable - there's simply no alternative, so OK, let's use what we have.

@daniel5555 @a_breakin_glass I guess you're right, but that doesn't make the situation okay

eventually we gotta dismantle those centralized platforms as well :anarchy: :anarchiststar:

@lumi @a_breakin_glass I think we eventually will, but unfortunately it won't happen any time soon. When it comes to video sharing, there isn't even a centralized alternative to YouTube that would be similarly effective when it comes to monetization and visibility (because YouTube is integrated to Google search and has features like personalized recommendations and such).

It's a textbook example of "market failure", that is, it's a monopoly that is extremely difficult to break, both because of technological and economical difficulties.

@lumi I also don't get this Discord fad... It's literally everywhere and I don't understand why people use it instead of relying on good old forums that you host on your own server. As far as I know the future of the company behind it is not certain at all either.

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