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i mak gut app pliz donat 2 my patreon

(PS. hi)

What kind of a weird dance is this!?

Is it a courtship display?

Added the controls to the README of trainsim. :blobmelt:

Trains, but now everything slowly clogs up.

Trains, but a little bit fancier with slightly less bugs.

Trains, now with path reservations that are really buggy and devolve into insanity over time!


And here's a better overview of the train simulation!

I should do something about those borders on my recordings. :(

Trains, now with buggy timetables!

And you all get another hug! :blobreachreverse:

Okay, controls now work! :3

W/A/S/D for Up/Down/Left/Right
Q/E for rotate CCW/CW
R/F for zoom in/out

Trains, now with proper rotations and with a viewport.

The viewport can also rotate!

I redid the renderer using glium, but in doing so I've introduced a bug, and it looks so adorable.

The trains are now squishy blobs! :blobmelt:

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