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nixos goals: make the amount of executables in PATH as small as possible and use nix-shell to bring things into scope as needed

the thing that bothers me most about pretty much every popular OS right now is that there is a global environment instead of a per-process one

you CAN do stuff like wipe env vars and set up a new / on linux using namespaces, but it's just a hack around the problem

all this implicit state and implicit environment is super dirty

instead of just passing the libraries, env vars, services, etc to a program on a by-need basis, we shove it all in the env, in /lib, etc

no more global env pollution!

thought slime isn't on the fedi i guess, but they're a qt

join the fedi commune

we have hugs and snugs

@lumi let’s just nuke the centralized dns authority

Again and again I'm shown that capitalism just doesn't work. In theory you're supposed to stop companies like Blizzard by simply not paying but somehow, it doesn't work on it's own each time and each time it seems like other active measures can also exist outside of capitalism, so the only unique trick in the book for the down-up lever of the system does not work.

"can cryptocurrencies be vegan?", i hear you ask

no, they actually cannot, their existence ruins the environment and ruining the environment hurts animals


like the bitconnect scam, but vegan

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