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#MastoAdmin heads up: (current IP address is scraping the fediverse, *potentially including followers-only posts and DMs*, to make a corpus that can be full-text searched.

For the safety of your users, please block them.

If your instance is on this list, definitely block them; they're using you as a relay to get to the rest of the fediverse:

(h/t @zoe )

I'm actually aware that both of their push services support webpush, but only for browser applications, not for their native ones

and they do not allow the customization of the push service

reminder that centralized push services are terrible and give way too much power to Apple and Google

regardless of how you feel you can trust either of those corporations, the power they gain from this is unacceptable

they should start using webpush or other api and allow the push service to be customized

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Wife told me to take the spider out instead of killing it... We had some drinks, cool guy, wants to be a web developer.

phone makers please give me a physical keyboard GDI

touch screens are good for many things but not good to type on ty

morning fedifriends!!!

sorry for not replying fast or at all >.< I'll be on my phone all day and typing on a touchscreen is incredibly annoying and tiring to my fingers

:drake_dislike: selling your soul
:drake_like: selling your gender

can we start using the term "gender" instead of "mood" when saying stuff like "big mood"?

"dying after not getting your morning coffee is big gender"

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when I'm old I'll tell my hypothetical grandkids how we fought the big bad proprietary software and their evil sidekick, centralization

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