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Takes like "you're racist if you say you're poly because polynesians use that slang too" and "hating AI is the same as hating black people" are takes that push people to the alt-right.

Stop acting like an idiot. Fight for things that matter. When you get pissy at people for irrelevant or downright pointless things, people on the fence get pushed to the right. You do the opposite of what you're intending.


Saying poly isn't polynesian erasure, lmao. Poly is a prefix for a ton of things. Polynesia was coined by a Greek-speaking frenchman anyway, so it's hardly racist to not "give them" the word poly.

Quit finding things to get mad about and go outside,.

three bunposts from three different servers and they're all out of sync :blobcatnotlike:

> fuck the police! kill all cops!! dismantle the law!!! abolish propert— hold on, did you just use OUR language in a way we don't like or which has been claimed by THESE people!? that's illegal, we shall punish you with insults, violence, and/or social sanctions

i suppose polyless now means “after committing genocide to pacific islanders”

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@lis Postmodernism, it's available at your next university.

friendly reminder to NEVER cater to people who want to police your language, ESPECIALLY if they'll readily insult you for not doing so

> if you use the same greek prefix as these people to describe yourself you're racist because they claimed it A WHILE ago

what the fuck are you high on and where can i get it

(reason being they were cheaper than four nimhs + charger, and i need more than four at once anyway)

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hi i just bought 36 alkaline batteries for some reason

I would never ban or block someone over a difference in opinion, sure if they're being shitty I'd do that, but that also goes for people who share my opinion

It's very, very simpleminded to view those who share your opinion and good and those who don't as evil. There are good people who don't and bad people who do and not understand that will cause you and whatever community you run to become incredibly toxic.

slightly personal but relevant 

twitter/tumblr artist culture is poop and places like mastoart facilitate that.

i have very terrible anxiety and i've had nightmares about being threatened, "cancelled", everyone leaving me over differences in opinion, you name it.

these people care about mental health until you disagree with them. then it's suddenly "lol you suck" and "kill yourself". it makes people scared and depressed. and many people have to suffer in silence.

i want my instance to be a place where people can be themselves. and if you don't like what someone says or does, just block them and move on. it's not hard, we have a button for a reason.

you get the idea.

long story short, by all means sprinkle functional concepts like monads or sum types throughout your mostly imperative language

call them and_then and enums or tagged unions if you must but do it, you'll help functional programming become more accessible for the vast imperative programmer crowd

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i keep seeing ToS after ToS being too subjective and limiting freedom of expression. art isn't always politically correct, this is just a fact of life. unfortunately too many people do not understand this.
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[me reading about functors, applicatives, and monads the first time] this is so confusing, who would want to program like this
[me exploring rust's std] huh, Option's and Result's .and_then method seems pretty neat, this should be part of a trait and isn't but whatever. likewise for .map and friends
[me reading about functors, applicatives, and monads again] whoa so THAT'S what they are how did i not understand this earlier

i used to hate sauerkraut but since i figured i like kimchi i might try some sauerkraut today as well and if i like it, start making both at home

i could depart now and spend the night cycling on the flæming-skate :blobcatthinkingeyes:

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !