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The sky is lit for multiple seconds sometimes, it's great~

@moonman i was wondering about all the korean in gta

"The UK has become a surveillance state"

-Watch Dogs 3, ignorant of the fact that the UK IS already a surveillance state

Bee flew away

Idk how far she got but she flew away~


All four wings visible again

She still looks quite sick or injured though

She barely moves, though she still reacts to blowing and touching, she still accepts sugar water too (it's very cute)

Also she has this weird black hairless upper side, and her thorax seems a little flattened, almost as if it's charred

She flew against lamps fairly aggressively earlier until she landed on the floor, that's how I could catch her in the first place

Probably burned and dented herself in the process and injured her wing muscles, in which case she'll probably die anyway

Hmm, either she lost her right back wing or she injured her left one, because only the latter is visible :blobcatumm:

She's not flying yet in either case…

She's strong enough to get hold of that chopstick though

Or maybe that's just what bees look like when they flew through rain?

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