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(you can actually change your legal name in belgium without that note, it just costs 10x as much)

german law on trans name change, up until last year: yeah you have to go to court, bring an expert opinion from your therapist, and pay for all of it, which is usually a four-digit sum. also this has been declared unconstitutional but we haven't gotten our asses up and made a new law yet so fuck you

german law on trans name change, since this year: okay so we made this new law on legal change of name and gender, it's only intended for intersex people but we accidentally made it accessible to trans people as well, oops. just present your local registrar's office with a doctor's note that deems it necessary, and enough money. oh, and keep in mind that the totally-not-nazi party in our parliament wants to prosecute any trans people who take advantage of this

belgian law on trans name change: alright we need your birth certificate, a note from your psychiatrist, and between 15—50€ depending on your municipality, have fun with your new name

@steph i'm not sure if i know enough wayland to know what this means but it sounds complicated

@kura i just wrote about compositors not written with wlroots, particularly rust ones because wlroots rust bindings are unmaintained and it's recommended to use smithay instead

if screen recorders really need to be aware of the compositor this is worse than x11 tbh, obs (and vlc/recordmydesktop/…) doesn't need to give a shit about whether you run kde or dwm

writing a wayland compositor in rust sucks a little currently. wlroots bindings are unmaintained; smithay less so, but apparently stuff like wlrobs only works with wlroots compositors


you *can* just swap a broken sclaverrand valve without swapping the entire tube… right?

@Mitsu I could lower my temperature a little yeah~

time to undress

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that lbm hellthread reminded me i wanna go to leipzig book fair next year

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