disclaimer: i'm not endorsing the antique roman init nor the phallic one, they both suck

lis, 24, programmer, can't get her hex numerals right smh

system v = system 5 in roman numerals
system d = system 13 in hex

therefore, systemd init > system v init

> we use REAL CHEESE from switzerland

why would you do this to perfectly good swiss cheese

> hot cheese beverage with marshmallows

and there i thought america couldn't get more cursed

one of my biggest annoyances with rust is the inconsistency of having default generics (`trait Add<RHS=Self> {…}`) but no default function parameters

for instance, when dealing with atomics, you always have to explicitly pass `Ordering::SeqCst`, even though this is almost always what you want, unless you want to hyperoptimise the shit out of your code and know what you're doing

People who smoke in public spaces be like: ah yes it's time for me to share some cancer with everyone

@akai @papush @Ste1lar you're aware i'm gonna need to whip you for that pun?

not that the rest is so much better

hartz iv, aka the dismantling of the social state, was established by the “social” “democratic” party of germany

and the greens

the latter of which also saw themselves as pacifist party (whose founders were basically hippies after all) but voted for the first foreign bundeswehr deployment

don't expect any competence from any federal government of this country

especially when the “christian” “democratic”/“social” union participates in it

oops that's been 17 out of 25 cabinets so far

> state subsidises cheap apartments for the poor
> building costs per m² are capped
> rent… isn't
> over a million of new apartments were needed four years ago
> situation has worsened since then

[20 years later, housing crisis starts to become apparent] oopsie

germany: oh shit this nonprofit housing company operated by unions turned out to be corrupt to the core!
germany: clearly the solution is to require housing companies to be for-profit!

@mary spekulaas is a kind of pastry, hasseltse coffie is a cocktail, pretty much like irish coffee except with jenever instead of whiskey

i really should visit hasselt sometime actually, seems like a nice town

who's gonna come with me on a trip to hasselt for spekulaas and hasseltse koffie around fosdem~?

modern cpus should come with rationals support tbh, fuck floats

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