God I love those imported Asian snacks but it's so incredibly wasteful with everything

Especially with packaging, they often come in a large plastic or aluminium bag that contains smaller aluminium bags that contain a single serving of the snack, (sometimes in a plastic tray) plus a smaller plastic bag with silica gel.

The spiced nori I have here has 12 g of packaging for 5 g of food

@lizzeboof @wowaname @DJWalnut No they aren't
There's no nuclear power plant in Germany that's sufficiently secure against a plane crash

@DJWalnut @wowaname German courts would say you're guilty if you shot down a plane that was about to crash in a nuclear reactor
Until the constitutional court says something else
And the European court of justice says something entirely different again

@wowaname Under German law you'd be charged anyway unless some court decided it was an “emergency above law”

If you changed the switch you would save many lives but be charged with murder anyway.

Would you do it?

A cargo train without train protection system whose engineer is incapacitated is running down a track parallel to a busy motorway and will likely derail in the next curve, ending up on the road where a fair number of vehicles will crash into it and people will die; including the engineer who is unlikely to survive a derailment at this speed. However, you could change a switch right as the locomotive is passing over it, derailing it earlier and killing only the engineer.

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@pony @lain More importantly, where's the database of people named Lager

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