i wonder just how many adolescents get traumatised by their parents not giving a shit about their privacy

part of why i'm such an anxious paranoid mess is because my mother liked to intrude my room to yell at me at the least convenient of times

i still get startled regularly just from hearing steps outside my room

doesn't help that here they're often bad news as well



fucking up your child's mental health but it's okay because you're the one paying rent

re: trauma 

@lis there is really no sense of privacy whatsoever with my family. anyone can walk in on you when you're in the toilet like it's nothing, or when you're changing, who cares, "we're family".

I have to wait until I'm alone at home or everyone's asleep to be able to do some things, because they will also just casually walk into my room without knocking or saying anything. hell, they do it even if I'm in the middle of a voice chat or a stream.

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