> if given enough time The Invisible Hand of The Market™ will fix anything

things The Invisible Hand of The Market™ has yet to fix, keyboards edition:

• both the nav block and the numpad are still on the right side of a keyboard, meaning that if you want the letter block in the middle the keyboard will occupy more space on the right than on the left. the right side is also where the mouse usually is, meaning it and a square decimetre of keyboard are crammed into a spot whose equivalent on the left is completely empty
• qwerty and derived layouts are still standard, even though alternative, objectively better layouts have existed for a century
• the keys in the letter block are still offset for no reason other than “this was necessary in typewriters”
• the menu and scroll lock keys have zero purpose on modern computers yet nobody bothers to remove them. the very useful compose key, on the other hand, is missing

@lis What real benefit do alternative keyboard layouts have? I think any performance improvements are subjective. They may well be more ergonomic but arguably the physical design of the keyboard is far more important for reducing RSI and most people aren't using keyboards enough for it to matter, especially now with smart phones.

I say this as someone who made the switch to Colemak. I haven't noticed any speed increase after 5 years although it might have helped my wrists a bit. Too many other factors for me to say for certain though. I would probably not switch if I could go back in time, although I do think that it is better than qwerty.

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