don't browse that profile unless you want a concussion and a broken nose from facepalming

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> is a nazi instance
> pea is a nazi
> f-droid and fedilab devs are nazis, as is anyone not calling them out
> being a nazi is contagious, so everyone interacting, or being interacted with by, anyone I consider a nazi, is a nazi
> nazis
> more nazis
> I'm a little obsessed with nazis

@lis Pea is only a bootlicker in the lewd sense

I saw them literally sending death threats publicly, to my friend who earlier was running a safe space gab instance.
no nazism, homophobia and transphobia as rules? rainbow flags in various places? it's gab, he must be a nazi!

@lis A nazi sneezed near me and I got a swastika-shaped rash on my leg. Is this dangerous?

@hugeweeblol you saw them and didn't immediately torture them to death, clearly you're a nazi too

@lis Meanwhile, despite stating that I'm a Nazi in my bio, my instance gets blocked for "racism and homophobia".
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