> punishing users of a client for the dev not bending over for you censorship-happy fucks

god you're pathetic

tbh if I didn't absolutely hate java I would probably take this as an incentive to add an “act as client x for request to this instance” feature to fedilab

@lis Still don't understand why the fuck an application should block something.
It's just a tool, let the user do whatever they want

I agree its pathetic behavior. Also, if it weren't for the free speech this admin is flaming, he wouldn't be able to flame it.

Its a devs choice to block or not block something. Just as much as its a users choice to use that software or something else.

The shame here is by accusing the devs who give choice to their users of promoting hate speech, they've become like their enemy. They've created hate speech pointed at devs who offer choice. They've shamed themselves by becoming like their enemy.

@lis i also feel like this is going too far

i really don't think software projects should be policing their users

of course i VERY LOUDLY disagree with hate speech, but this isn't the way to solve it

> can't exert will over developers so try to bully software repositories instead
> software repository has a pro-user stance
> take tantrum out on the users instead

People acting like this is why we can't have nice things.
@izaya @lis i am not generally using the word "retarded" about others than myself, but blocking an app for not blocking a certain website is certified retardation™️

fedi meta drama, user freedom 

@lis I thought block-happy admins couldn't make any more braindead decisions, but here we are.
@lis lol Fedilab can just change the user agent to bypass this. It's not rocket science.
@lis It's made of elemental stupidity, but at least it's easy enough to fix with user-agent switching. what would stop people from setting the user agent to "Fuck the Police" and just continue on? how far is this gonna go smh

@lis i thought admins and users are free to act how they want.

or is it about pedaling hate speech?

@lis this makes me want to switch to fedilab so I don't have to deal with admins like this

@lis Well, this pretty clearly says "This instance is strictly for people who think exactly like me". I guess there will be more stuff like this in the future and people will have to carefully choose their instances...

@lis appropriate response is to build spoofing approved clients into the next version of Fedilab.

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