Now I wanna go cycling with pry and lizzu~

@lis @lizzeboof um well I don't rlly have any motivation to learn

@prydt @lis but it's fun! also good for mental health. adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

@lizzeboof @lis meh idk about fun... don't rlly even like going outside tbh...

@dirb @lis @prydt welcome to normie social media I grabbed the first result off ddg lulz

@prydt @lizzeboof You'll gain that motivation quickly when you visit me and I pick you up at the airport with a tandem~

@lis @lizzeboof oooooh :P

idk fren... I'm pretty sucky at anything athletics related

@prydt @lizzeboof Don't keep inventing excuses, just start cycling :blobcatangry:

@lis @lizzeboof b-but being seen outside is weird and uncomfortable for me >.<

@prydt @lizzeboof Nah, going slow enough that drivers can yell at you does

@lizzeboof @lis my arms are sticks and I've got asthma and exactly zero stamina... physically worthless

@prydt @lizzeboof You only need your arms for steering, I have asthma too, and cycling is a good way to gain stamina

@lis @lizzeboof im not rlly a sports person nor a physical activities person

@lis @lizzeboof it doesnt seem fun tho... same with swimming which I don't know how to do as well

@prydt @lizzeboof Yeah you should learn both, those are pretty important skills to have imo
We learn those at *elementary school* here…

@lis @lizzeboof most people here learn it at a very young age as well... idk I've met no one who doesn't know how to do both and is also above the age of 11... I'm just pathetic and also sorta dont see the point at this age anymore

@prydt @lis that how i feel about driving :/

@snuffykat @lis same tbh tho my parents are forcing me to learn driving this summer bc I'm finally at the age were I can get a license

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@prydt @lizzeboof > > At this age
Ffs if you learn them now you'll still be able to use them in 60 years

@lis @lizzeboof not sure how long I'll live :P

regardless... idk still dont see the point

@prydt @lizzeboof I mean you're much more likely to get that old when you don't drown as easily and and cycle regularly, so—

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@prydt @lis

U will live forever because I demand it

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@prydt @lis it doesn't seem like fun till you're going 60km with the wind blasting in your face
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