In the worst case I'm just gonna get an Xperia X(A2). I really want another SFOS device, but I need Alien Dalvik on it.

Android's UX is such a downgrade when you're used to SFOS's gestures and Maemo's desktop
Maemo in particular got a *lot* right ;_;

Calls were made via the same interface, no matter whether it was a phone call, a Skype call, or a SIP call
Same with text messages; SMS, MMS, Skype, Jabber, they all were in one app

Maybe I should just get an N900 again and hope that it lasts more than four months and that Neo900 is gonna be a thing soon


I wish the mobile segment wasn't such a clusterfuck of proprietary hardware and firmware and you could replace your phone's OS as easily as you PC's

@lis I wish my phone still had buttons tbh

@RafiX @lis *laughs in verizon killed the 2g network last year and no other carrier works where I live*

@lis problem with the mobile market is it's still relatively new and it's saturated with people who dont care. mobile devices are still very consumer, and any "serious" computing is expected to be done on desktops

as much as i'd enjoy a friendlier, more open mobile ecosystem, i'd like to see laptops and netbooks make a comeback
@lis laptop quality has declined rapidly and nobody has kept up with the latest tech; we're still stuck with shitty low-res screens and consumer-grade hardware while smartphones enjoy the latest advancements in displays and computing power. the netbook market has all but disappeared
@wowaname @lis my main issue with netbooks was in how shoddy they tended to be. Had an Asus crapper, it was falling apart with normal use in the end.
@roka @lis yeah netbooks were basically an experiment i believe; people pushed out cheap shit to test the waters, but smartphones came around and eclipsed netbooks in popularity. netbooks are a dead market sadly and they never saw their full potential
@wowaname @lis such a shame, it was good for what I used it for (document processing "on the go" later to be rsynced with a central repo on a PC). You can't do that in a comfy way on an androshit device and laptops are heavy ehhhh

@roka @wowaname There are still those tablets with terrible attachable keyboards, and you can even run Linux on some of them

@wowaname @lis @roka Notebooks are making a bit of a come back with chromebooks, you could even completely nuke chromeos and install gnu/linux on some of them iirc

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