Come to Belgium, we have:
• A dysfunctional government
• Mussels and fries
• Beer
• Beer brewed with fruit
• Beer brewed with wine
• Beer brewed with honey
• Beer brewed by extremely skilled beer brewer monks
• Beer matured in whiskey barrels
• Beer matured in akvavit barrels
• Beer matured in champagne barrels
• Beer full of phytoestrogens
• Beer
• More beer
• Even more beer
• Much more beer
• Much much more beer
• Over 1000 kinds of beer
• We're literally drowning in beer
• Also cheese

• Also waffles and chocolate but BEER!!!!

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@lis Hum wasn't there something you forget to add in your list?
@lis I... I was thinking more along the lines of Belgium waffles, which is not any kind of waffles but the Belgium waffles.
> no government
> beer

finally, the perfect country
@lis Come to Norway we have:
• Rich bastards with Teslas
• Fjords
• Fish
• Oil
• Oil Money
• Oil-funded environment campaigns
• Oil-funded pension funds
• More Oil
• Fuck where did all the oil go
• Oil was all we had
• Someone save the Oil market plz
• Oh thank god it's getting better
• Oil
• Oh, nevermind it crashed again
• Help we don't want to lose our oil reputation
@lis tbh, i don't drink beer that much (at least for the last few months).. only on festivities or so..

its better for my weight ^^v
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