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At the end of the day I just want to love and be loved. That's hard enough, what's the point of imposing any further limits?

Can you imagine how much easier life would be if the GDPR laws specified that permission forms must require an equal number of clicks to accept all permissions, or to deny all permissions. and that if both an accept and deny button were present on the same page, they must have a similar design and be roughly the same size
Here at MegaTechCorp we understand how important it is to be an individual and unique, so for the ENTIRE month of June all employees will be wearing a special edition PRIDE uniform, and starting June 28th we will be stopping our whole factory division for 5 minutes so we can paint our happy little drones in beautiful stripes until the end of the month!!!

If you think programming is difficult, try to cut bunnies nails

@lis @Tabulates did someone say altaic language family 👀 👀 👀

I have no idea what suya means and at this point I'm afraid to ask

the virgin pretty much everyone: let's block gab
the chad fse: let's get blocked by gab
One problem with blocking certain sites in generic clients is that this makes your client not generic anymore, so the app store rulers (apple, Google) will start evaluating your app based on the things it has access to, and ban the app or dictate new bans if you want to stay in the store.

@rey @notimetoplay Well, we are, that's how free software works. You just gotta accept that not everyone that uses your software is going to be a good person

@notimetoplay It's problematic, childish and to top it all off ineffective. I don't trust the software developers to decide what is and isn't an instance I should be joining. An automatic default block would be better, in order to protect users by blocking content.

> “fren” is fascist lingo

The fuck are these people smoking

Juggling around some follows, don't be startled if I don't follow you here any more~

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