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Current OMEMO fingerprints for lis at 

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At the end of the day I just want to love and be loved. That's hard enough, what's the point of imposing any further limits?

I used to hate FTL AE but honestly it's not that bad

@lis and by extension, proc macros

and cargo-crev needs to get more mature

and the entire build process needs to be sandboxed

the current situation is just scary

cargo should take aur helpers as an example and ask users to review build scripts…

:drake_dislike: being memory safe by having ownership
:drake_dislike: being memory safe by leaking memory
:drake_like: being memory safe by allocating on The Cloud™

@ivesen it's called free software because we never call free()

@lumi memory safety is easy
just don't free your memory duh

I briefly napped on the train and overshot by three stations and when I finally arrived at home I stripped naked and almost instantly fell asleep

Things I liked about 80's/90's computing:
- Total control over my hardware
- Software that worked with me, not against me
- Superior aesthetics (yeah I said it :3 )
- Overall sense of promise and freedom

Things I like about computing today:
- Easy and open access to knowledge
- Insane amounts of storage
- The sheer computing POWERRRR

Now if only we could make these attributes come together instead of being period exclusive. :blobthinking:

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