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At the end of the day I just want to love and be loved. That's hard enough, what's the point of imposing any further limits?

>written in …

yeah stop right there, if that's what you consider the most important feature of the thing you've written I don't care about it

what's the point of anyway if you can't reliably boost shit because it's always down

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can you really call a single regio-shuttle dmu a train

the nice thing about riding smol regio-shuttles of a smol railway company like neb is how casual everything is

staff are always friendly, inform passengers personally rather than by microphone, have casual conversations. you just don't have that with db regio

right I can travel the entirety of bb after 14:00 now, see you later~

tech is the standard text editor

tail, echo, cat, head

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I miss marmy and rice ;_; and I haven't seen sathy in a while either…

trains are predestined to be driven by computers, they basically are already. switches are generally controlled remotely, not by the driver, except sometimes on trams. on high speed lines, signals are being transmitted into the cockpit instead of standing beside the track. pretty much all a train driver has to do nowadays is operate the throttle/brakes and sometimes the doors correctly, and there are systems in place that prevent them from fucking that up. compare that with the huge machine learning with captchas clusterfuck that are computer-driven road vehicles

imagine how far we as a society had come if we focused on improving rail transport INSTEAD OF REINVENTING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EQUIPPING HIGHWAYS WITH FUCKING CATENARIES FOR BUSES AND TRUCKS

gender dysphoria but it’s where i just wish there were trains that went everywhere instead of cars

funny how I can actually read quite a bit of norwegian just by knowing german, dutch, and english

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