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It's almost 05:00 and I really should sleep, nini cuties~ :blobmelt:

Ach vrienden hebt geen zorgen, al hebben wij nu geen geld
De waard zal ons wel borgen, zo heeft hij mij verteld
We zullen hem laten schenken en vrolijk zullen we zijn
Kom laat ons vanavond blijven
O wijn, weest welkom wijn~

Tired: my 2 cents
Wired: my 0.02 €
Inspired: my 0.03912β€―D-Mark

Well, this green tea does, at least. I think it's the smokey aroma that goes well with the sweetness of the wine.

Hmm, green tea and rosΓ© wine go very good together tbh~

Ich nehme zΓ€rtlich ihre Hand
Draußen der erste Autobrand
(oh, ein Peugeot)
Ein hochromantischer Moment
(und ein Renault)
Als bald die halbe Straße brennt

I legit showered for over two hours o_O
At least my leggies are more or less smooth again~

Tbh nudity, intimacy, and sexuality shouldn't be as closely associated as they are nowadays. Many people I'd gladly cuddle naked or shower with, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'd fuck them.

It's almost 05:00, I should sleep o_O

Nini :blobmelt:

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