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Was trying to dump a ROM table from a TI MCU, didn't work out as I had hoped.

Don't mind me, I'm just backporting some C++20 stuff into C++17.

I still need to dump the firmware from my payphone.

Might do that tomorrow.

I'm happy with that LLVM build time.

(Well, LLVM, Clang, lldb, lld, libcxx, and libcxxabi)

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So I can't get into my scaleway account. Page just spins loading forever.

I tried in FireFox, Chromium, from both my connection and over a SOCKS5 proxy, nothing.

What does seem to work is using Chrome over X11 forwarding on my fiancee's box.....

I hate computers.

I've built binutils and GCC no less than 5 times for 4 different architectures tonight.

All the cross compilers~

I was wondering why the kernel was using, like 20 gigs of RAM, turns out the `vm.dirty_ratio` was 20%.

Now 20% isn't *that* much, but 20% of 128GB is still a lot of RAM that I could be using for other things, like building GCC.

It's been stuck here for the past 45 minutes....

Maybe it'll be done when I wake up tomorrow

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Even with the container filesystem on an SSD this install takes *forever*

Common Xilinx, you can do better than that.

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I like using LXC much more than I do docker, just feels better to me.

I would *LOVE* to use an OSS toolchain, but I'm kinda stuck.

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And I'd love to use SymbiFlow / yosys but,

1) I'm using VHDL not Verilog and the VHDL frontends for yosys don't look too stable and/or maintained.

2) nextpnr, etc don't support the Xilinx chips I'm using

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I mean, I'm stuffing this in an LXC container anyway so it doesn't puke on my shiny new system. but still.

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The Xilinx Vivado package is soooooooo large, ouch.

I wish I could just snag their pnr stuff to run from the command line.

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