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The Xilinx Vivado package is soooooooo large, ouch.

I wish I could just snag their pnr stuff to run from the command line.

It's a strange feeling upgrading from 3 heterogeneous 1080p monitors to 3 homogeneous 2K ones.

So many pixels to work with.

Suddenly, completely unrelated to anything I'm currently doing or thinking about.

I want to write a CPU scheduler.

Why brain, why.

Nothing like some midnight yak-shaving...

I'm sure that's fine and not super jank at all.

I can't wait to run AFL on my new Threadripper build~

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Excuse me while I accidentally launch a pogo pin across the room to be lost forever.

Geeze international shipping is expensive.

Going to the grocery store at 0009 like a responsible, well-adjusted adult....

Ugh, I need to reboot to load kernel modules....

I really need to learn to keep my currently running kernels modules around.

Like 0x01XX.XXXX is clearly in the reserved section of the memory map, but the the docs say the ROM starts there, and nothing about this 0x0200.0000 memory space.

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Sometimes I wonder about how hardware vendors write their documentation...

It's not just me, right?

For some reason, the the LTO version of my firmware binary is 400 bytes bigger than the non-LTO version, RIP.

IBM Power systems are so expensive even second hand, bleh.

Kinda mad I can't constexpr a pointer at an arbitrary address into existence.

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