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Ick dual-ported SRAM is expensive >.<

Despite my original reason for building this being decommissioned I might as well continue to build it, someone might find it useful.

I'll throw a few headers on it for the rest of the IO that's unused for potential daughterboards and be done with it.

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Dammit, looks like my apartment complex is getting new "IoT" washing machines before I'll be able to finish my SmartCard project... Well that was a huge waste of time.

They're also jacking the prices up for doing laundry... Wonderful.

Maybe a pick-and-place machine eventually.

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I think after I get a microscope and decent PSU for my workbench a reflow oven is next on the list

I would love a PDF reader that let me open multiple tabs into the same document and different places. That would make cross-referencing so much easier.

Can't sleep, I've got visions of FPGA bitstreams floating around in my head.

Might as well continue work on it.

I've taken to writing notes in the schematic so I don't forget what the hell I was doing or why I did it.

Might be useful eventually.

Oh my, it's amazing, for once the board I'm designing doesn't have D+ and D- cross over on the same layer~

I found a random Virtex-6 FPGA sitting under my keyboard, whoops.

My word, the USB-IF VID registration is quite literally highway robbery with how much it costs

Why, really, just why....

I think it's finally time for bed.

The TI TM4C1290NCPDT looks like a decent micro. I wonder if I can bolt a USB 3.1 PHY onto it and get decent speeds.

Otherwise I'm most likely going to ditch the attempt at USB 3.1 and stick with 2.0, that *should* be fast enough, I hope.

When did it get to be almost 0100, I should go to bed soon.

I had to switch to a different USB-C socket due to the spacing of the traces, RIP.

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