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I found myself wondering how much of a pain it'd be to build GNU AS as a library today, because of course I did.

So, I replaced Nix on my laptop with Alpine, lets see if I like that better.

In related news, I hate my chair and I'm out of adhesive bandages,

How do you get blood out of carpet? Not asking for a friend.

I'd love to know why all of the sudden I've lost access to my routers administration settings...

I'm adding OS/360 object file support for my object file library just because I think it's funny, and libbfd can get bent.

So, tell me IEEE, Why do I still have to pay for a withdrawn standard? That's absurd.

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I love government auction sites. Like, it's so tempting to buy a 15kW Genset when it's being sold for like, $50 with only 85 hours on the counter.

I'm like 99% sure the IBM documentation on XCOFF is just wrong for the 64-bit object files in places. That's fun.

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Ugh, I've got to deal with the Intern again tomorrow

"It's cute, it's like our computers are holding hands" - Me to my fiancée when I SSH tunneled to her system.

I... I really hope this isn't a bug with the compiler and I'm just abusing the standard in a way it doesn't like.

Scrubbing that zfs pool, gotta make it nice and clean.

Here I am re-writing the IBM documentation on XCOFF just to have it make more sense on the first read... *sigh*

In other news, the second most recent edit on the Wikipedia page for ECOFF is funny.

I've found that the only Wikipedia articles I edit / contribute to are those of object file formats.

90% of the edits are dredging up documentation and sticking it on to cite

The last 10% is me fixing small inaccuracies or just noting a curse.

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