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I have just these random moments where I need to look up one thing in the Intel monolith, and I find something new that I hate in that document every single time

some of these are just single files, like `stackwalk.c` just some dumpy little program that rips the runtime stack out of a running process, not really useful.

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I spent today at work getting irrationally angry about poorly designed encryption and getting Meson working on Solaris SPARC. So all in all decently productive I suppose.

I... need better hobbies and more people to talk to.

I was digging through my MTG cards and found where I stashed all my blank HID/Hi-Co magstripe cards...

Whoops, time to add them to the ever expanding pile of blank media I have in the ISO card formfactor.

On that note, I wonder what it would take to `kexec` into a System V kernel from a modern Linux system.

No, bad Aki, you don't need more useless projects.

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I wonder if I could run System V on GCE... That could be fun.

Oh my word this week just flew by, not enough time for anything.

Maybe I'll *finally* get some soldering / assembly done on some projects this weekend.

I'm really digging this new Rammstein single.

Don't worry all, I'm not dead, I was just spending some quality time with the girlfriend, then busy being incredibly sick for a few days.

I'm back with your irregularly unscheduled rambling~

I made the mistake of trying to build both WebKit and GCC at the same time, my poor CPU...

RHEL is awful, why do people even use this fustercluck ? Everything is old, crusty, and broken....

Nothing like late-night fuzzing with the significant other~

publishing an API library / SDK is cool and all, but sometimes I just want a protocol specification, ya feel?

Two of them didn't get a silkscreen, on the top, but that's fine.

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Hell, it cost them $0.48 to mail me the bill, let along the paper it was printed on. Like really, what the hell.

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