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Every time I have to use the Windows command prompt I die a little inside

I just noticed I've got CEPH installed on my desktop... why?

I'm torn between getting Mach-O support for sns done or going to bed. How much do I hate myself tonight?

From the archives: "That one time I tried Atom"

I wonder if you can x11 forward over an RS232 connection....

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Well, digikey is down so I suppose that means it's time for bed

Ugh, I just realized I still need to go back and comment that 3K line monstrosity of a header file... That should be fun.

Using qemu user space emulation on x86 to run a SPARC build of a MIPS emulator, seems sane, right?

*complains about executable file formats to self in an IRC channel rather than going to bed* I'm an adult.

Mmmm, look at that data flow, all the metadata

I'm making an awful decision and scraping the whole of danbooru and indexing all of its metadata just because it won't let search for more than two tags at a time....

Hey the breakout board is here from OSH Park, now just waiting on the digikey order~

Well, while it's still kinda jank, and *will* absolutely hardlock your system if you use it. I figured I might as well just share it anyway, have fun, I guess?

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