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Awww damnit, my R710s all have full-height PCI-e brackets but my Infiniband cards only have half-height brackets... Time to go ebaying for some stuff.

I need to find a mezzanine connector that doesn't cost 9USD per connector half, that'd be a good idea...

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I know, I know "Don't use Xilinx, use the iCE" but I mean... I'm stuck with the Zynq here.

I really wish there was a better open source ecosystem around the Xilinx stuff, I really don't want to use the Xilinx tools for this project.

I really wish vendors would bury stuff under mountains of proprietary garbage. Yes, I'm looking at you

Disclaimer: being tall isn't all it's cracked up to be, I just hit my head on the top of a doorframe... fuck that hurt.

I caved and bought an Arty Z7 board form because I need a dev platform and the lethalcard hardware isn't ready yet. So it's something.

Getting rust setup for bare metal ARM has been way more effort than it would be just writing everything in C from the start.

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I had a really vivid dream last night about implementing a GTK+ UI for a project which I don't remember but damn did it look cool.

In other news, I got my SMA to F adapters and I'm ready to start abusing my cable line.

Guess who forgot her LUKS password for her laptop...... *sigh*

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I need to make it so on one subnet you can route to any address at all, even if there isn't a machine with that address and then sink the connection. I wonder if that's even possible.

Oh my god, this thing is adorable it's so... pink.

It just occurred to me that it's not a normal thing to have a over-full 42U rack sitting in the middle of your living room. That makes me wonder what maintenance thought a while back when they came in to fix a leak...

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