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Aside from it being a touch tight (I think rounding the corners and knocking like .05mm off the height should fix that) it basically lines up perfectly, I'm super happy with that.

Aaand look at that, looking good~

Solder mask is a bit too reflective for my taste but the black with the gold plating looks awesome~

I don't care what anyone says, Fruitcake is delicious, even more so when it's soaked in alcohol.

So after a mild panic attack looking for the title to my car, I found an unused MyMathLab code back from uni, never been opened. Soooo, assuming it's still valid, it's up for grabs to whoever actually wants it.

Oh yay, my rev1 lethalcard ISO adapter PCBs come in tomorrow, lucky lucky

I still need to find someone to sell me a decent line printer, mmmmm.

"If I was powered by an RTG, that'd be hot" is like a double pun and I love it.

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You could probably ghetto-rig this together with shift registers, but it'd be slow as balls and I don't know how you'd read from it...

On an unrelated note to anything. How awesome would a hardware ring-buffer be?

Just like, 8 megs of circular storage, decently fast, non destructive reads - as in the read doesn't move where the last write position was.

I think that would be nice.

Choosing the right FPGA for the lethalcard project has been hard, I want something with enough speed to keep up with the card interface and plenty of luts so I can stuff it full and not need to depend on a whole lot of software, all while not being BGA or expensive.... Maybe I'm just being picky.

So I can't seem to fall asleep so have a terrible idea. It's iSCSI right? But the first `i` stands for IRC.

And you'd pool your devices by having them all join the same channel.

Just for clarification, no I don't just go pulling off panels from walls, it happened to be open already, I promise.....

VHDL, really, what kind of operators are these?

I also don't recall why I'm writing a VHDL parser at 20:00.... But I guess that's a thing that's happening

Question: Do I let 'kernel_release' be a list, so you can pass in multiple kernel versions to build for? (Assuming you have the headers etc)

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