Phrases I've used tonight that I probably shouldn't have now include "Hella memcopies"

I am disappointed to find that INT can only take an imm8, welp, dispatch table it is then.

@dd86k yeah but then I've got to re-spin the board....

I still have a metric butt-ton of IO left on this chip, debating if I should leave it be, or just break it out for expansion.

Oh cool, I've always wanted a "Socket Type Processor Number Bits (Instruction Set)"

Hey, anyone into EE, I'm looking to snag a benchtop PSU, the Rigol DP832 looks promising, thoughts?

I'd like to announce my new romance light novel: "My girlfriend the certificate authority"

I'm still salty about ISO/IEC/ANSI

I'm sat here having patched a cross compiler in a hex editor because HPE made me....

Computers were a mistake

Now hear me out, parametric CAD in PCB layout software.

Thanks, but I don't think I'm qualified for that...

@Vexatos It would be if I wasn't blind as hell, so if it's ~0.5m or more farther away I'm helpless, even if it's the right way around.

My oh so "useful" "skill" of reading upside down has gotten rusty, lame.

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