It wouldn't be so bad if it was actually working like "substitution failure is not an error" rather than "It's all broken plz stop".

Well, I suppose I'll stop trying to get this SFINAE boilerplate working and just implement the structures independently.

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anime levels are 100% and rising

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

Oh no, I left my computer on and when I came back I

It would be super awesome if libtool didn't color-code warnings with red and give me a mini panic attack when I see a wall of red flash out of the corner of my eye.

A surprising amount of effort goes into designing a decent command line experience for things.

I want to make a general purpose helper library for my projects and call it ∀

... Well *I* think it's clever.

Ugh, the Xilinx tools are awful, I wonder how symbiflow is coming along.

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You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

Imbuing cursed knowledge unto other unsuspecting people is the best feeling.

I should put my living room back together now...

It took a minute to cable manage it roughly, but, posted on the first try~

I've also already injured myself... Damn CPU cooler mount

Maybe I'm just a wimp but damn they want you to torque the TR4 socket tight

@SamanthaCayne Yeah, there's the fuck-off big socket ones, and then the PCI-e cards with basically a single board computer with an ass-load of cores running a cut-down version of Linux.

Speaking of the Phi, now that Intel killed them off, I wonder if I can find a handful online for "cheap"

Some of the mnemonics for these SIMD instructions make my head spin.

Not as bad as the Phi instructions, but still.

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