I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm starting to run out of IO lanes on this damn Zynq chip... how.

Just a reminder that 猫娘症候群 is adorable and everyone needs to read it.

@dratini0 Yeah, that is a whole thing. I'm not explicitly focusing on SIM cards (although it should be possible) it's just a generic solution and research platform, easy to use, etc etc.

@dratini0 That looks kinda sketchy, I don't know if I'd bother trusting it.

@Ste1lar They always say, build something you'd want to use, so that's what I'm doing~

@Ste1lar Oh, it's all open source as well, from the hardware, firmware, software, to the documentation.

@Ste1lar It's also incredibly overbuilt, it's running a Zynq with 1GB of DDR3, when a small FPGA and a micro would have worked fine, but no, it runs linux now because there is no kill like overkill, apparently.

@Ste1lar This is the "basestation" for my lethalcard project. It's basically a SmartCard (Like Chip & Pin, etc) research platform. Ideally, once done, It will allow for cloning, emulating, and sniffing / MiTM-ing cards of all sorts.

It could be used for auditing cards and/or equipment or for development, basically a whole lot of things.

The other end are these PCBs that you actually stuff in the card slot to use and connect via ribbon cable.

I decided to round the edges on the mainboard, looks better and as a bonus, it won't stab you now (FR4 is amazingly sharp)

Beholde, the "brand new", vastly "improved" USB frontend.

Something something discord, something something lethalbit#3335

Finally decided to put the effort in and map the macro keys on my keyboard.

Added all the common Eagle commands. This should speed up layout and design a bit.

@Technowix No more SSL issues, now just a bunch of 502s

@Technowix I assume this will also fix the CDN SSL/TLS issue?

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