RHEL is awful, why do people even use this fustercluck ? Everything is old, crusty, and broken....

Nothing like late-night fuzzing with the significant other~

publishing an API library / SDK is cool and all, but sometimes I just want a protocol specification, ya feel?

Two of them didn't get a silkscreen, on the top, but that's fine.

Hell, it cost them $0.48 to mail me the bill, let along the paper it was printed on. Like really, what the hell.

I just got a bill from LabCorp for $0.01.... I... But... It'll cost them more in processing fees for the payment than it's worth to get that one cent.

So, despite me having the signed FedEx slip stuck to my door telling the driver "please, just leave it here", they still didn't drop it off because I wasn't home. This is absolute madness.

Maybe FedEx will get my PCBs here on the third try tomorrow.... *sigh*

@jeffcliff I've *just* started working on it, but it'll be at github.com/lethalbit/Nokogiri when it's ready for the public

So, to add yet another project onto the pile, I'm now writing a debugger because I got fed up with GDB....

My desk drawer either always contains a USB Mini or a USB Micro cable, never both, and never the one I need when I'm looking for it. gah.

Slightly annoying that Z3 can't take input from stdin

Ouch, FC-40 is ~300USD/250mL from Sigma, I don't want it that badly.

Now if only I could get my stock SC reader to actually read it, because I'm lazy and I don't want to solder my breakout for the FPGA together.

So I accidentally wrote "DO NOT USE" on my *actual* laundry card rather than the one I'm using for shenanigans, whoops.

Sharpie comes off with IPA though, so it should be fine.

On that note I think it's time for bed.

Time Zones are hard, that or FedEx managed to figure out how to get something from AK, to HK in an hour.

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