I *just* installed a *brand new* clean version of Windows 10 in a VM and the settings application is already crashing..... WHY.

I'm mostly mad because I can't find this book anywhere but Amazon, and only for $125. I'd be more than happy to buy the book, but I'm not spending $125 on a copy, and just, no to the kindle version, who wants to deal with that DRM BS?

libgen doesn't have the book I'm looking for, RIP

I dunno, being able to not follow the laws of physics sounds a lot like black magic to me.

Yay~ (No, I didn't chase down a Verizon tech and steal their tools, yet)

So for some reason I can't talk to anything over IPv4, works fine for v6, and the ISP says Its nothing in their end.... Fun.

I've always wanted a buttset, so I ended up buying a buttset... Is it still too late to get into phreaking?

hrt stufts, endo, very positive 

Flying Witch is such a cute and happy anime, it's impossible to be sad when watching it.

Up at 0135 reading manga because I'm a responsible adult with a day job....

@haskal We had one at my last place of employment. It was located in the middle of our large workshop, good stuff.

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