So that's the flash, 256MB CMOS NAND EEPROM.

there look to be a few test points around it, but it looks like you need full access to it's parallel IO/Address bus to actually pull the data off it.

Womp Womp.

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Looks like I could just run code on the thing if I had a JavaCard and knew what it wanted. Fun.

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I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with serial to b̸̝̏͂̒͗͑̇̚͝ͅt̵̟̦̬̪̲̯̳̑̀̓̐̚͘̚ẻ̶͓͚͈͉̑̎̄͜s̶͖͋͋̏̆͐

Looks like it's got an anti-tamper switch in it. That's gonna be fun.

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Looks like it's got a few ASICs, or at least rebadged chips in it.

That's kinda a pain.

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Christmas came early it seems~

Yet more firmware to dump~

Aaay there we go, that looks nice.

Still so much empty space on the PCB, Ideal spot for a logo.

I am distraught to find that the 8-position SmartCard contact footprint I made, that I thought I updated to make better, was in-fact, not updated. RIP, well I guess I'm fixing it again.

Found a draft of a blog post I was writing ages ago, have a sneak peek.

Was trying to dump a ROM table from a TI MCU, didn't work out as I had hoped.

I'm happy with that LLVM build time.

(Well, LLVM, Clang, lldb, lld, libcxx, and libcxxabi)

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It's been stuck here for the past 45 minutes....

Maybe it'll be done when I wake up tomorrow

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