I still have a metric butt-ton of IO left on this chip, debating if I should leave it be, or just break it out for expansion.

Oh cool, I've always wanted a "Socket Type Processor Number Bits (Instruction Set)"

Thanks, but I don't think I'm qualified for that...

Finally got DigiKey working well enough to place the order for the breakout boards. Soon~

*sigh* You say this ISO, but, do you actually enforce it?

@Sci_Hub@twitter.com to the rescue yet again~ (for some reason I wanted to read this cursed thing....)

I'm actually really happy how well my janky measurements came to match the actual layout

I might need to adjust the pad sizes, but they should be right in spec.

I was surprised it let me do this in an enum definition, but I suppose it can just be constexpr'd away at compile time so that makes sense.

From the archives: "That one time I tried Atom"

Mmmm, look at that data flow, all the metadata

Hey the breakout board is here from OSH Park, now just waiting on the digikey order~

Guess who just killed her kernel by poking it a little too hard....

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