Oh no, I left my computer on and when I came back I

It took a minute to cable manage it roughly, but, posted on the first try~

Mistakes were made.

But at least I've got the parts for a new machine on the way

This didn't work as anticipated, and honestly I can't say I'm surprised seeing as how janky that is....

Don't you just love cheap USB thumb drives from China?

That was, basically as expected. Although I'm sad Okuu didn't make even the top 15 Q.Q

Ugh, I've got to deal with the Intern again tomorrow

In other news, the second most recent edit on the Wikipedia page for ECOFF is funny.

The IBM documentation for XCOFF has some, issues in places

This new intern at work is going to make me jump of a bridge, or throw them off it.

I really expected someone starting their third year of RPI to know what an API is, or hell even that there is more than one C compiler.

Cool, thanks.... Well I suppose that's enough for tonight.

Also, is ebay really the best place to sell this?

Cool, thanks ebay, looks like you know me quite well.

Gah, I just remembered I still need to finish my kernel patch to allow for the mmaping of /proc/[PID]/mem

You don't really need to know why I needed that to understand why it's an awful idea, but that's not going to stop me.

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