I decided to round the edges on the mainboard, looks better and as a bonus, it won't stab you now (FR4 is amazingly sharp)

Beholde, the "brand new", vastly "improved" USB frontend.

Look buddy, it's not going to get any better from here, just get used to it.

Awesome way to start the night.... The building is on fire

She's a cute little thing though,

(And no, the hostname Elza has no relation to a character from a popular animated motion picture released in 2013, rather it's from Toaru Majutsu no Index)

what business does this have being $112?

Well I suppose that's good enough for one night, decent amount of progress I suppose. Routing the BGA is going to be an absolute nightmare, but eh.

The more needed things I add to this the worse the routing is getting, ffs. This is going to be an absolute chore.

I decided to get fancy with this symbol, I think it looks decent enough.

This is going to drive me crazy... Why couldn't the pin count be like, 40, or 42, but noooo, 41..... *sigh*

Slow progress, still no idea how I'm going to route that BGA, especially seeing as the min via size I can use is just a little bigger than the BGA pads, this will be fun.

That should be sufficient for a decent mezzanine connector for peripherals, right? Enough GPIO pairs to run PCIe x8 on it, not that you should.

I thought it was getting too late and my eye were going funny from starting at this for hours. But no, it's just that the pin names are overlapping... oops.

Aside from it being a touch tight (I think rounding the corners and knocking like .05mm off the height should fix that) it basically lines up perfectly, I'm super happy with that.

Aaand look at that, looking good~

Solder mask is a bit too reflective for my taste but the black with the gold plating looks awesome~

Too bad I don't have a but set with me...

VHDL, really, what kind of operators are these?

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