I dunno, being able to not follow the laws of physics sounds a lot like black magic to me.

Yay~ (No, I didn't chase down a Verizon tech and steal their tools, yet)

Yay, after some DNS gymnastics, my nameserver is it's own nameserver now~

Time for bed me thinks.

I really wish domain parking wasn't a thing.

I switched it off like five times because it's preventing me from setting up proper glue records to my DNS server, but none of my DNS records will stick because the registrar keeps turning that BS back on..

This absolutely, 100% sounds like a breach happen but they don't want to admit it...

TIL you can ultrasonically weld Magnesium to Uranium

So I just generated 4085 64-byte ELF files for every combo of enumerable types possible in the header....

Why? Because I can~

That ELF file looks fine, I don't know what you're talking about...

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